Odalfolk - Our chance for power


Odalfolk - Our chance for power


There are a lot of people who choose to go the political route in this day and age. But is that right ? I will try to explain it to you now, and I hope for your sake that you understand. At this point it is pretty clear to many that the West will see a great upheaval, even independent from great natural catastrophes and nuclear threat. The immigration to virtually any higher standing white nations mean that there are millions of non-whites in most white countries, with examples like the UK, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, The United States, Canada and Australia and so forth being among the worst.

The burden on the largely socialist systems in these nations is simply too great, what with the higher needs for social security, healthcare costs and criminality that a large non-white populations bring. These states or most of them will eventually topple over, unless something drastic is done. In most cases, reform will not be enough. The immigrants that are already inside the country and breeding like there was no tomorrow would be quite enough to bring the social security net, public healthcare, public transportation and virtually all other perks that we have built up on public funding to a screeching halt. Just segregation, like the United States have had for a long time, will never be enough. Especially if you add the volatile influence of Islam to the mix, which is an ever-present threat especially in Europe. There will be war, almost no matter what happens. It is highly unlikely that our side starts anything, but we must sure as hell finish it if we wish that there will be a tomorrow for us at all on this earth.

So, why not the political route? Simply because it will never be enough. Negroes do not understand our disgust and our moving away from them, they will take what they can get and them not being welcome and all our social indications thereof will run off them like water on a goose. They will not go home voluntarily. Arabs are too hell-bent on conquering us in the name of Islam. The Jews who run “our” newspapers, TV-channels, publishers, movie studios, banks and global corporations are too entitled to the fruit of our labor, and they will never understand how to coexist constructively and that ours is not theirs to take. They will never accept that all of our things are not there for them to steal, but actually ours by right. The Asians similarly also only care about their own and would calmly and logically conquer and replace us if it was to their advantage or could be done easily. War will come, because it is such a volatile mix of dangerous factors that it can hardly do anything else than break down into a state of pure chaos. Political reform or not, nothing we could do in the way of politics would be enough. Anything that would be is not going to be allowed by the powers that be, like the Golden Dawn in Greece.

What can we do, then ? Many nations in history either had their beginning out of enclaves or settlements, either by holding and defending a piece of land and people and then enlarging it in the midst of chaos, with those who seek stability and strength or out of nothing in the midst of wilderness, long ago. It can also begin with a group of people who in the midst of chaos grow into an army and then stakes a claim to land. We are not against law and order, these things are good for us in the preparation stage. We want a stable society that leaves us in peace to have large families who till the land. The future set for Europe will not allow that to go on forever, however. The old order will break down and it will require us to defend what is ours. The current governments will most likely be the first victims of their own monstrous creations, and in the absence of order we must create it if we want to survive. If we manage to build ourselves into functioning groups and settlements that are as ready for the collapse as anyone can ever be, then we will be able to grow into a future power factor. Even if only a few people are interested now, if we can prepare to enlarge our groups into hundreds and thousands locally, when the collapse has begun, we will also have those thousands of people to build with, to fight with and to create a completely new order out of chaos. This is what we are here for. This is our chance to build a new people, and a new nation.

It largely comes down to method. Many people mix mainstream politics with survival and try to do everything at once, failing at everything. You cannot play the political game on the pro-white side and simultaneously expect to be able to make the necessary financial headway that is needed to create local power factors for the future. Just be normal, work, start businesses, learn survival skills, gather in collectives to get financial breathing room, work some more, save money, buy land, build houses on it, move people there, employ them, stock up on things necessary and train accordingly. Involve yourselves constructively in local organizations, try to get into power over those, organize positive and non-political events which are good for cultural awakening, health and folk community. Be nice to your neighbors. Try to get out of the grid dependency, where your food is trucked in, your electricity is not generated by yourself, where you are dependent on the grid to get water and so forth.

Material independence and preparedness is the endgame of preparation. The key factor to it all is local organization, basic survival skills, martial knowledge and training, planning and stores of whatever you need to grow and to fight. Having a great big piece of land is a great way to create a safe haven, but when it comes down to it all power emanates from armed men. Armed men, though, have to be fed, clothed, organized and properly led. If you have that and if you have the guts and brains to act when action is needed and most of all wanted, then we will hold tomorrow firmly in our grasp.

When the old structure collapses in a terrible crapulent heap of chaos, when the food delivery trucks are no longer coming, when the police and military are no longer protecting and serving, because they are with their families or going full on hostile, when the electricity does not work anymore and when being white marks you as a target for non-white goons to kill or rape, then our time begins! Creating order in that situation will be hard, but it is far easier than trying to reform a society with politics. Anyone who we shelter under our standards will be quite willing to adapt to any sort of ways, customs and ideals that we set for them. They will be lost, and we will lead. We will not have much in the way of baggage in the form of entitlement. You see, nobody will expect us to have a social security net, nobody will question the organized religion that we set for them and lead them in, nobody will question that non-whites are the enemy, nobody will be anything less than grateful for what we can in fact do for them. Few people, new or not, in that situation will behave erratically, like anti-whites, and not take up a rifle in the defense of themselves, their families and us as a collective. It will all be quite clear by then. Thus we can mold a new people, carve out a new nation, create a new order and make history together.

Our vision is one of endless beauty. Where people are healthy, where men are men, where women are women, where children get to be children, where everyone works, where nobody or very few hold on to harmful masochistic ideas and methods, where there are no evil strangers, where people do not live in nasty concrete cities, where people are not praying to false gods and harming our peoples in their foreign names, where everyone goes to bed at night after having done work which made them proud. A great nation or nations where all men are warriors, husbands and fathers, where women are mothers and wives, where all children grow up safe, with positive ideals, ideas, with no predators in our midst, free from marxist indoctrination and with plenty of good role models. A nation where men can proudly call each other “brother” and the women are lovingly called “sister”. A place and a time where we may reach for everything that is ours by birthright, and and one day even towards the stars.

Our goal is the very first mentally, spiritually and physically white nation and people for almost a thousand years. Germany made a lot of things right for a moment there and then, but were stuck with a whole lot of negatives. See this bad situation of today as an opportunity instead of our doom. In the social and material upheaval, is our chance to get free of everything that has been dragging us down; from nonwhite immigration to socialism, cultural marxist poison, the evil of democracy, feminism, all the harmful universalist religions, the humanism, the liberalism, the global corporations, the banks and Zionist media, the poisoning of our food and water… In short everything which has made us weak. Chaos and collapse gives us a chance to build anew, in the ruins of what was.

Now, it may just be a fairy tale of mine. It may all just be fantasies of a bearded, delusional fool in the north of Sweden who wants to play at being King. Or it may all turn out into something very real, which ensures our ultimate survival and success. That is up to you, my brothers and sisters.

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