Patrick McGrath - Ireland's right to unite


Patrick McGrath - Ireland's right to unite
Union Movement Policy Pamphlet

The division of Ireland is wrong. It should end as soon as possible. It causes hardship to the South because the Six Counties contain industries which are a natural complement to the agriculture of the South. It is bad for Catholics in the North as they are denied full civil rights and social justice by the controlling Protestants.
All southern patriots desire the union of Ireland. The Protestants of the north do not. They are frightened by the prospect of a united Ireland because they fear that the resulting predominantly Catholic government would discriminate unfavorably against them.

How then can the rights of the Protestant minority be guaranteed?

Oswald Mosley offers a suggestion through Union Movement whose policy advocates the union of Europe - "Europe a Nation". This does not mean a great mix-up of the people of Europe; on the contrary it would be wished to preserve the roots and culture of all Europeans.
A European government would guarantee the rights of all minorities in Europe, for even large nations would be minorities of the whole. The union of Europe will solve the problems of the Tyrol and of Gibraltar, of the Flemish in Belgium and of Protestant and Catholic in Ireland.


The former Galway M.P. T.P.O'Connor wrote "I regard him as the man who really began the breakup of the Black and Tan savagery, and I can never recall without admiration and wonder the courage and selfsacrifice which such an attitude demanded on his part." T. P. added that Mosley would always be regarded by every good Irishman with appreciation and gratitude.
At the end of the last war another famous Irishman, J.D. O'Connel (County Solicitor of Tralee) wrote to Mosley "I remember with gratitude the noble work then done by your colleagues and your good-self during the reign of terror of the Black and Tans in this country. The people of Kerry, who were the most to suffer appreciate it too and I can assure you that your good name will be remembered here long after those who try to belittle you will be clean forgotten. . . . We in this country have been called nasty names and we have experience of internment camps and so we understand your position, but one thing that can be said for them (the Irish) is that they are always grateful to anyone who ever helped them or said a kind word for them in their hour of need and trouble!'
In denouncing the atrocities, Oswald Mosley did much for Irish independence. Now his fight for European union will bring with it the union of Ireland. This is the way to unite North and South without bloodshed.
Europe should unite to preserve Western civilisation. Into that union should be invited Australia, Canada, New Zealand and White Africa. This union would contain all it needed and would be a third force in the world, not dependent on the U.S.A. or afraid of Soviet Russia. Union Movement is neither Capitalist nor Communist, but seeks a third way.

Patrick McGrath
Union Movement

Printed and Published by A. Brown, 54, Hindes Road, Harrow.

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