Revilo P. Oliver - America's decline


Revilo P. Oliver - America's decline
The education of a conservative

"Persons who are not capable of objectivity or are unwilling to disturb their cerebral repose by facing displeasing facts should never read pages that cannot but perturb them emotionally.
If they do so, they must blame the curiosity that impelled them to read words that were not intended for them.
The reader has been warned."

Revilo P. Oliver

The late Dr Revilo P. Oliver held positions of some importance in several of what once seemed the most promising 'conservative' movements in the United States, and was an attentive observer of the many comparable organizations and of the effective opposition to all such movements. This succinct and candid account of his political education makes a significant contribution to the historica l record of American 'conservatism' for those interested in studying its rise and fall.
America's Decline is a compendium of many of the finest articles written by one of America's leading dissident thinkers. Dr Oliver started his political career as a patriotic conservative, but - as this volume makes clear - he came to realise that conservatism is not enough.
Dr Oliver, Professor of Classics at the University of Illinois for thirty-two years, was a scholar of international distinction who wrote articles for some of the most prestigious academic publication in Europe and America. His first book was a translation from Sanskrit (Mrcchakatika - 'The Little Clay Cart', Urbana, USA, 1938).
During World War II Dr Oliver was Director of Research for a highly secret cryptographic agency of the US War Department, and was cited for outstanding service to his country.

Professor Revilo Pendleton Oliver

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