Robert I. Friedman - The false prophet rabbi Meir Kahane


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Robert I. Friedman - The false prophet rabbi Meir Kahane
From FBI informant to Knesset member

During the late 1960s Kahane's Jewish Defense League (JDL) waged an anti-Soviet bombing campaign to protest the plight of Jews in the U.S.S.R. In a riveting, well-documented expose, Village Voice contributing editor Friedman charges that this JDL guerrilla campaign was orchestrated by Mossad operative Yitzhak Shamir, Israel's future prime minister. Kahane, elected to Israel's Knesset in 1984, heads the ultra-rightist Kach party, whose stated goal is to drive all Arabs out of Israel. Friedman demonstrates that Kahane continues to receive heavy funding from the American Jewish community, even though purportedly a majority of U.S. Jews reject his politics. The author discloses that Kahane, early in his career, spied on student groups for the FBI and promoted the U.S. government's position on Vietnam for the CIA. The orthodox rabbi's sexual affairs, his alleged ties to Mafia boss Joseph Colombo Sr. and his apparent links to an Israeli anti-PLO terrorist group are also explored.

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