Robin Moore - The Crippled Eagles



Robin Moore - The Crippled Eagles

The_Crippled_Eagles.jpgThe Crippled Eagles was the informal name of a group of American expatriates that served in the Rhodesian Security Forces during the Rhodesian Bush War.
The name and emblem came from author Robin Moore, who offered a house in Salisbury as a meeting place for the Americans who served in all units of the security forces, but never had their own unit.
The name "Crippled Eagle" and their badge was meant to symbolise what they considered their abandonment by the US government.

Robin Moore and Barbara Fuca tried to publish a book with the same title, but because of the political controversy the book was refused by publishers and appeared only in 1991, when it was published as The White Tribe.


One of the reasons for many of the American citizens who joined the Crippled Eagles was the Soldier of Fortune reports about both the Rhodesian Bush War and the means of entry into the Rhodesian Army. From 1976 to 1980 almost every issue contained one or more articles about the ongoing conflict.The first issue of the magazine in 1975 actually contained two such articles, prompting some Americans to travel to Rhodesia. After 1980, their attention turned to Angola, Soweto and other hotspots around the world.

Approximately 300 Americans, some with previous combat experience in Vietnam and other theatres of war, others with none, volunteered to fight in the Rhodesian Security Forces during the Rhodesian Bush War. They did so not as mercenaries, but as ordinary soldiers, earning a pay packet in local currency equal to that of a Rhodesian regular, under the same conditions of service.
The Americans suffered seven combat fatalities and many others were wounded in combat, some maimed for life. Five served in Rhodesia's most prestigious unit, the Selous Scouts.

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