The University of Natural Healing - Sam Biser's save your life collection


The University of Natural Healing - Sam Biser's save your life collection
A Layman's course in curing last-stage diseases

A collection of rare videos on advanced natural healing techniques for supposedly incurable health conditions.

Prepare to be healed-because I believe that's what can happen. I've never seen anything like this. I've never seen specific information on curing terminal diseases. I've heard theory. I've heard about prevention. But I've never known how to get natural cures for these conditions. But now I do, and you will too.
The answers are here. The answers in this SAVE YOUR LIFE Herbal Video Collection and User Manual come from two great healers : the late Dr. John R. Christopher and his leading student, Dr. Richard Schulze.

Tape 01 : Introduction : There are no incurable diseases. Everybody can be well if they want it bad enough.
Tape 02 : The basic programs for curing people who are not supposed to live.
Tape 03 : Breast cancer : Thousands of women have healed themselves with the programs on this video.
Tape 04 : Prostate cancer : How to cure even massive tumors that have spread throughout the body.
Tape 05 : Fast-growing cancers that kill in months. How to cure them.
Tape 06 : Finally revealed : Why most herbal products you buy belong in the trash, not in your mouth.
Tape 07 : Infusions, fomentations, poultices, and ointments… How to make them strong enough to dissolve tumors.
Tape 08 : Making tinctures : What you need to know to cure loved ones that doctors have sent on the die.
Tape 09 : Bodywork : How to blow away blockages that keep herbs from getting to sick organs.
Tape 10 : Water treatments : Just as powerful as herbs. Skip them and you may die.
Tape 11 : Serious mistakes that can stop your recovery.
Tape 12 : Top questions from viewers on curing cancer at home.

Herbalism - PDF
Médecine - PDF


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