Sang H. Kim - Complete kicking



Sang H. Kim - Complete kicking

Complete kicking : The ultimate guide to kicks for Martial Arts Self-defense & Combat Sports is a comprehensive guide to the kicks of Taekwondo from white belt to black belt and beyond.
Sang H. Kim shares his expert knowledge of fundamental, jumping, spinning and multiple kicks. You ll get in-depth instruction for over 40 kicks, including the purpose of the kick, key points to pay attention to when practicing, step-by-step execution of the kick, the best targets for each kick, applications for sport fighting and self-defense, plus the most common kicking mistakes and how to fix them.
As you progress, you ll also learn exercises designed to improve your kicking flexibility, power, speed and balance. This book goes beyond the basics and explains the concepts behind awesome kicks including how to generate power using your whole body in every kick, how to generate maximum impact, how to use body mechanics to kick higher, and how to get the most out of every practice session. Complete Kicking is the ultimate reference for martial artists of all styles who want to master the art of kicking.

Kicking is for every fighter. It’s powerful, fast, and deadly. Regardless of martial art style, the fundamentals are much the same: kick fast, kick hard, kick precisely. To meet these goals, you need to train your body, strengthen your muscles, and condition your mind. You’ll be surprised to find initially how natural kicking is, just like walking and running. However, to excel at kicking, you have to go beyond what is natural. You must learn to control your body at all times in order to acquire precision, speed and power. Then your body will become a deadly weapon for self-protection and an invincible tool for sport competition. After you perfect the basic skills, you are only a few steps away from mastering challenging advanced kicks. As you progress and learn increasingly difficult kicks, you will find that practicing kicking enhances your mental clarity and concentration, as well as your physical fitness.

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