Theodor Griesinger - The jesuits A complete history


Theodor Griesinger - The jesuits A complete history
of their open and secret proceedings from the foundation of the order to the present time
Told to the german people

Preface to the second edition

The new edition of my "History of the Jesuits" is the best proof that the book has done its work. It has found thousands of readers, and no one has put it aside without having obtained a proper idea of this Society, so worthy of condemnation. And seeing, now, that the Imperial Government has ranged itself on our side, let us hope that the accursed ban by which, through the influence of the Jesuits, the spiritual resurrection of our fatherland has been restrained, will now be removed from Germany.
Firstly, the crushing of the Empire's enemies, and now the attack on the foes of light !
When was there ever for Germany a greater epoch ?

STUTTGABT, July, 1872.

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