Telemachus Timayenis - The original Mr. Jacobs


Telemachus Timayenis - The original Mr. Jacobs
A stratling exposé


This book deals with facts, and the critic will be forced to acknowledge that the truth, and nothing but the truth, is revealed in every page.
This exposé is not half as severe as the subject treated of demands. Still, enough is told to bring to light the hidden venom and baneful influence of a race deemed by many "inoffensive."
To La France Juive of Edward Drumont, a duodecimo in two volumes, containing together more than one thousand pages, the author gratefully acknowledges his obligations for assistance derived in the preparation of this book. La France Juive, however, is not a safe guide for the average reader. Every statement of Drumont has been carefully analyzed, examined, and fully verified before it was accepted by the author for publication in this volume.
Although Drumont's books have found readers by the thousand, and his La France Juive, in a short space of time, ran through one hundred and twenty-six editions, it must be confessed that the French writer is too often carried away by his prejudices, while his attacks on Americans, and on Free-Masons, and on Protestantism are not only unwarranted, but puerile and spiteful in the extreme.
The author again asserts that everything brought forward in this book, however startling it may seem, is nevertheless a fact. His whole aim has been to present the truth in all matters pertaining to this malignant and diabolical race, that has obtained so strong a foothold in our country.

Printed 1888 Minerva Publishing Co. Press of J.J. Little & Co. Astor Place, New York.

Telemachus Timayenis

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