David Allen Lewis - Robert Shreckhise - UFO End-time delusion


David Allen Lewis - Robert Shreckhise - UFO End-time delusion

Why does NASA spend millions on giant antennas, trying to contact extraterrestrials ?

Who are the deceivers ?
Bush and Gorbachev discussed UFOs at their summit on Malta !
Are we being observed by superior civilizations ? Or are these demonic counterfeits ?

The author of Prophecy 2000 shares his 39 years of research into the diabolical source of "flying saucers."
Today our secularized society is so eager for quick, amazing answers. Will new hope arrive on these "chariots of the gods?"
Psychics are channeling such exciting insights from alleged cosmic beings, detailing the "true" nature of God and alternate roads to salvation. Supermarket tabloids proclaim oddball messages from space. New Agers are captivated by the promise of alien cosmic enlightenment and higher intelligence from beyond the stars.
So, what is really out there ? Why are movies filled with wise aliens, Eastern mysticism, and New Age humanism such hits ?

Are we being set up for a new, false, extraterrestrial hope ?
Yet another alternative to the only true way - Jesus Christ ?

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