A protocol of 1935



A protocol of 1935
Based on a careful study of the present day jewish activities

Published by The Pan-Aryan Alliance

A forgery ?
After the hysterical efforts the Jews have undertaken for years to deny the authenticity of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" claiming same to be a forgery; after the fruitless efforts of disproving their correctness in regard to their most significant contents; after the numerous attempts in the Jews habitual manner by which they pretend to be both innocent and disinterested of actually desiring the principle of working toward a goal that, abridged, may be called "World Domination", all of which is topped by the last Protocols of 1919 beside those which Professor Sergius A. Nilus recovered and published in 1901, not to mention the previously adapted documents known as the Protocol of 1860 and that of 1869, the flood of denials from the accused Jews will not stop all the world over, wherever the Jews may fancy themselves as being powerful enough and capable of blinding the Gentile's eye and of dulling his mind in regard to the true course of Jewish history. Mockingly we have been adapting a kind of "Protocol" as it could have been written and printed by Jews themselves if one of them would have the honesty of sketching an outline of the remarkable trend that his race under the Pretense of being just a religious sect is following up. In this case we claim and emphasize the fact that this our Protocol of 1935" or "The Protocol or Prayer of Thanks" is nothing more or less than an honest "forgery" that reflects the Jew's actual "progress". It will now be the privilege of the Jew wise Gentile and the few remaining sincere Jews to comment on this literature. Whether the reader actuallv sees m this "Protocol or Prayer of Thanks" a spark or a mountain of truth, or whether the following chapters are bare of any reality, and hence of any logical foundation will be undoubtedly the moment's most vital topic :

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