Ernest Elmhurst - The World hoax


Ernest Frederick Elmhurst - The World hoax
(Fleischkopf Hermann)


I CONSIDER this book to be one of the most damning indictments of a people ever penned. With each month that passes, a hundred manuscripts arrive in my printing house with requests that they be read for possible publication. Nine tenths of them concern what some individual merely thinks about this or that. Of a day in November the manuscript that is the text of this volume came to hand in the mail.
Its author, I knew, was a zealous young German American who had given good testimony to his integrity and intestinal vigor in combating the advocates of Jewish Communism during the Conference of Christian Ministers here in my home city in 1936—when the Jewish rabbis insisted they be allowed to participate or the conference would not be "allowed." I started to read what he had written, in an attitude of criticism. I have gone into this question of Jewish sponsorship of Communism so deeply that when a contemporary writes upon the subject, I am cast perforce upon a sort of defensive. "Does this would-be author know more about the subject than I think I do ?" is the standard I set up—and the first ten pages have to indicate to me that he does, or the manuscript is returned to him with regrets. I would ultimately do a better job myself. I had not read five pages of Ernest Elmhurst's manuscript before I had forgotten my critical attitude. I forgot as well that I was reading a manuscript submitted to my printing house for national publication.

Ernest Elmhurst had done the thing that I had hoped to find time to do—sooner or later—myself. He had assembled and produced the data in a readable story, which showed irrefutably that Communism was not merely a crackpot program of undermining the Christian governments of the world with unworkable socialistic theories carried into practice. The young man had scoured up the data in enthralling biographical form, attesting that Communism is world Jewry in action !

NOW I pride myself that I know something about Jews and Communism. In 1918 I found myself, by a trick of Fate, in Siberian Russia. I was a Red Triangle Secretary with the Japanese and Czecho-Slovakian troops. I traveled 7,000 versts in that stricken country while Communism was "coming in" and thereby engaging the world's attention.
I came back from the Far East in 1919, feeling that no one could tell me anything about the practical effects of Yiddish Bolshevism. I had been on the ground and seen what I had seen. I knew the bloodglut from having smelled it ! Privately I knew that the whole dastardly mess was a Yiddish scheme to subdue the world's Gentiles and put the Jews as a race in commanding position throughout the earth. After coming home from Russia I had spent a succeeding five years in the fleshpots of Hollywood, making moving pictures shoulder to shoulder with Jews. I knew that Jews as a race were no more capable of assuming charge of Christian civilization than a crowd of drunken Lithuanian sailors. They had no executive ability. They knew the price of everything and the value of nothing.
I suspected, however, ten to fifteen years in the past, that they were financing and sponsoring Communism because its evil and vindictive cohorts gave them an aggressive arm for exterminating Gentiles but chalking up responsibility to the world's underprivileged, seeking to win their "rights." . . . After working five years in the picture business in Hollywood, I felt I knew Mr. Jew "down to the ground." I had served a stiff apprenticeship in Jewish psychology and temperament. When Herbert Hoover was rejected politically and the Roosevelt Administration came in, I had means of knowing in advance that the whole New Deal nonsense was Yiddish in origin, that an attempt was being made to actualize in my beloved United States much that I had seen transpire with my own eyes in Russia. I wrote in my publications and expostulated. I knew that it would take a matter of years to arouse America and make her believe that she faced any peril. But when I could find no one to tackle this job of arousing her, equipped with the experience and the knowledge which I felt I possessed, I launched the SILVER LEGION !
I was determined to stop these apostate Jews from consummating in America, an unhallowed thing.
In 1934, some Jews of Manhattan got together a fund of $15,000 —so the story was current in Asheville—to finance a crack-down that should close my institution and put me behind bars to silence my writings on this most perilous of all menaces which the United States confronts. For seven months I had to fight for my liberty— all for the dubious privilege of telling America that the Rooseveltian New Deal was a farce from top to bottom, aimed at instigating Jewish Bolshevism by Relief Legislation. Well, I won my liberty and returned to my avocation of revealing to the nation what Jews had every aspect of conspiring to do against us.
I launched the Christian Party. I refounded my printing house. I went into the Northwest and night after night faced big audiences in the public parks, declaring by word of mouth that the time was not far distant when the Roosevelt New Deal would be exposed as a Machiavellian Conspiracy to reduce our United States to the status of Jewish Russia. But underneath it all, was this fraught thought: How might I get it across to Gentile America—asleep in its own tractability - that Communism is but World Jewry in action, planning to seize control of Christian civilization and dominate it in the in terests of anti-Christian Judah, reducing all Christians to the status of stricken kulaks ? Can you, therefore, in the light of the foregoing, understand my sudden exultation, that this chap Ernest Elmhurst, one of my most loyal Manhattan associates, had suddenly placed a complete book manuscript in my hands that irrefutably tied up Judah with the Communists' world-wide program ?

FRANKLY, I read the complete manuscript of THE WORLD HOAX in one evening—at one sitting—though it took me far into the night. Repeatedly my dear lady called to me in my study, demanding to know why I did not come to bed. You know how wives are ! I read Elmhurst's submitted book because it held my interest, convincingly, unflaggingly, till the last page had been reached.
This fine-principled young German had scoured the libraries of the world, the recent publications of both Christendom and Judah and compiled therefrom the devastating data and testimony out of the mouths of the Sons of Jacob themselves, that they were the instigators of this economic-politico curse which had come upon the world and that on the whole they were somewhat proud of it. Moreover, Elmhurst had presented his material in the pattern of mighty readable short biographies—telling the life stories of those outstanding Jews who have been so proudly responsible for this Gentile bloodglut that I had witnessed a fragment of, twenty years in the past, in disintegrating Russia. It was three o'clock in the morning before I reached my bed. Would I publish it ? I would !
And now you, reader, are slated for the same scouring expose and revelation that came to me on that November night—you have in your hands an irrefutable bit of historico-biographical literature, exhaustively documented—proving to you what a lot of us have known from the first but could not get the badly hoodwinked public to credit: There is no such thing as Communism !—there is only Judah's stirring up the world's lower brackets to pull her racial chestnuts out of the economic fires, that Judah may become triumphant over Christian culture and Christian civilization!

FROM New Year's to Christmas over the past five years I have had to stand up against the blistering castigation of being an American Nazi, an un-Christian Jew-baiter, a promoter of race hatred, a sponsor of tumult and religious persecution. All along I knew what my critics did not—that the Jews had an unhallowed Plan up their sleeves which they were subtly inflicting on Americans for the ruin of Christian civilization—but the audacity and inhumanity of it were too much to ask the good natured citizen to credit. Could I "lie down and keep silent," knowing this murderous thing was in process of consummation ?
Was it un-Christian to make a doughty fight for the Right against the hordes of the strategizing anti-Christ ? I had Christ, the Carpenter of Galilee, to point me an example. Christ stood upon the street corners of Jerusalem and called these same Jews, murderers and liars—and the sons of murderers and liars—to their faces !
Good Christians seem to forget that Christ was the world's outstanding Jew-baiter and that the Sons of Jacob slew Him for His Nazism !
Why do not these maudlin condemners of Jew-baiters in the name of modern Christianity, repudiate Christ and have done with the whole of it ?
I went to my printing house next day and wrote Elmhurst that I would publish his book. And the chief reason why I would publish it was, that there was something haunting about the story he had revealed. Its atmosphere would not leave me. I felt a weird impatience to have the book out and in the hands of the disquieted Gentile public. It so happened that a fine group of men came down from War-ren, O., the next day to see me. They were some of those sterling Christian patriots whom the Sons of Jacob in our midst contemptuously refer to as "Pelley Stooges"—men who see this national issue in the same way that I do and who had played no small part in organizing the citizens of Warren to halt the scarlet sit-downers in the recent steel strike. "Practically all the leaders in the sit-down steel strike were Jews," these men declared. "The people of Ohio are commencing to notice it."
I found myself telling them about THE WORLD HOAX. "I've got just the piece of literature 'coming up'," I informed them, "that at last will reveal the direct hook-ups between these dis-turbant elements and World Jewry !"
They wanted to put in orders for such an invaluable piece of literature on the spot ! On my description of it ! Thus hungry are angered Gentiles for trustworthy attestment on this Gargantuan world crime that certain of Judah's inhuman megalomaniacs are thus caught in perpetrating.

BUT I warn you, reader, your views on Communism, Jews, Sitdown Strikes, Tumult in Industry, the Nazi reaction to Judah, are slated to undergo considerable change by the time you have finished the final chapter in this volume. To many persons, getting the information contained herein for the first time, the world will never seem quite the same again—until tumultworking Hebrews in this western hemisphere are summarily dealt with, for the suffering and despair they have caused a trusting people. We formerly gave them hospitality under the hoodwinking on Judah's part that they were God's Chosen People. "We, the Jews, invented the myth of God's Chosen People" now confesses Dr. Oscar Levy of London. An honest Jew admits that this part of the Old Testament is a gigantic piece of chicane, hatched and promoted by Jews themselves, to gain special favors from Gentiles in the name of religion.
I put this volume in the hands of perplexed and bedeviled fellow countrymen, therefore, in fullest sense of the responsibilities involved.
But I have seen my own Gentile countrymen suffer long enough, so that the maudlin appeals from Jewry for "tolerance" fall on mine ears gone deaf.
I give you THE WORLD HOAX as the first work of Ernest Elmhurst, knowing that he feels as I do: that no price is too great to pay personally, to see this pestilence of Jewry forever exterminated from a Christian United States !

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