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Alick Bartholomew - Hidden nature
The startling insights of Viktor Schauberger

Water is the commonest substance on the face of the Earth, yet we really know very little about this essential source of life. We do know that without it there would be no life - indeed there would be little in the way of chemical reaction, for water is the universal catalyst. Water is also our potential nemesis, for today it is widely agreed that if there is another world war, it will be waged over this precious resource. Water in a state fit enough for human consumption or for succouring the life cycle of the brown trout is now in short supply and its availability is diminishing every day.
Before Austria had stripped her mountains of all her old growth forests, Viktor Schauberger, a forester, observing how a trout could maintain its station in the midst of a turbulent stream, discovered the secret of living water. Distilled from the sea and leaving most of its burden of salt behind, it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven, taking up kinetic energy as it makes its way back to ordnance datum (standard sea level), itself controlled by the balance of the global greenhouse.
En route this living water absorbs minerals from both soil and bedrock sufficient to nurture the pulse of life itself, tiny herbs, some full of the power of healing, and the natural vegetation that generates organic soil. The trees, reaching up to the Sun, power houses for transforming energy, are driven by living water, ameliorating the climate near the ground, controlling erosion and helping to maintain the life-giving water cycle.
If this cycle gets out of balance in any way, the consequences are dire, as insurance companies are now discovering. Drought, floods, winds and wild fire out of control, and perhaps worst of all, eutrophication, the clever name for too many nutrients choking the very arteries through which living water used to meander its self-cleansing way down to the sea.

There is much in Schauberger's philosophy that gets up the noses of the science that sees only financial profit at the end of their glass telescope of knowledge. Alick Bartholomew is to be congratulated for bringing Schauberger's vision into focus in this book at the most opportune time. Wave power is beginning to come on stream with the promise of base load electricity cheap enough to split, not the polluting atom, but the water molecule, into oxygen and hydrogen - the latter to fuel the much discussed non-polluting, fuel cellbased, hydrogen economy.
Is this a wise strategy? In the absence of Schauberger as my mentor I sat beside the stream in my garden with Tornado jets making warlike passes overhead, and watched a trout enjoying what are perhaps the only real human rights, peace and access to living water.

David Bellamy,
Bedburn, February 2003

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