Anthony Jacob - White man Think again !



Anthony Jacob - White man Think again !

Born in England, Anthony Jacob is a free-lance journalist. Prior to the Second World War, he studied the historical, political and racial background of seven different countries of Europe. During the War he served with the Royal Artillery for two years in India and saw service in Burma for another two years.
Since the war he has lived in Africa, spending two years in South West Africa, four in Rhodesia and eleven in South Africa. During that time he visited at intervals the following countries, Bechuanaland, Basutoland, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea, Egypt, the Sudan and Portuguese East Africa. He has seen at first hand what is developing in many of those countries and is thus in a position to write with authority on the events which threaten the existence of the white man.

Is the white race fated to be overwhelmed by the nonwhite races, or is it destined to triumph over them ? Are we going to retain our racial identity, or are we going to allow ourselves to become an admixture with a 'world people' ? Is White submergence inevitable or are we being merely persuaded and manoeuvred into handing over our power ?
These are some of the questions this book examines. It surveys the world political scene mainly from a South African point of view; it refutes the theory that all men are equal and insists on the importance of racial inequality and White superiority. This book maintains that the white race must either rule the world or suffer obliteration. Vigorously written, challenging in its directness, this is a book which many will welcome, many will attack but which none will be able to ignore.

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