Boston T. Party - You & the Police !


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Boston T. Party - You & the Police !

Until now, the average American has lacked a simple, up-to-date summary of constitutional law regarding confrontations with the police. More and more peaceable, law-abiding folks are being caught up in the widening police dragnet of roadblocks, checkpoints, searches, intrusive questioning and civil forfeitures. Americans have long needed a clear explanation of exactly where our rights end and executive power begins, especially if you travel or lawfully carry a gun for protection.

More than a legal handbook, You & The Police! explains precisely how to win police confrontations using: sample dialogue, & what-if scenarios, and practical tips. Armed with this book, you will know just how to avoid traffic tickets, bogus searches, roadside delays, and general harassment. Probably 90% of erroneous civil forfeitures from honest folks could have been avoided had they known about this book. There is no reason for us to be bluffed or intimidated by the police any longer.

This new 2009 edition is a greatly revised, revamped, and expanded version since the original of 1996 and revision of 2005.

Covers nearly a dozen newer Supreme Court decisions, as well as the so-called USA PATRIOT Act. A new chapter regarding your lawful firearms was also included.

If you were stopped for a broken tail-light, and then the officer asked to search your trunk, what could you do? What should you say or not? Where do your rights and his powers meet ?

Reviewed by several practicing attorneys, you can rely upon the quality information and ideas inside.
This is still the only book of its kind, and a must read for every American in this increasingly regulatory age.

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