Callum Coats - Living Energies


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Callum Coats - Living Energies
An exposition of concepts related to the theories of Viktor Schauberger

Why are so many species of plant and animal disappearing ? How is it that Earth is losing more fresh water than it is producing ? What are the effects of chlorination and fluoridation of water ?
The answers to these and many more pressing environmental questions are to be found in this remarkable book - the first in-depth examination of the life and work of the brilliant forester, scientist and pioneering inventor, Viktor Schauberger. Schauberger's insights into Nature pivoted on the essential characteristics of water as a living and pulsating substance that energizes all of life, both organic and inorganic. He frequently asserted, "Water is a living substance !" - an ideal to which many philosophers have subscribed. With his ground-breaking concepts on energy, biomagnetism and the true function of trees, he showed how a world that exploited its resources rather than cherishing them was doomed to destroy itself.
Above all, he demonstrated how Nature's abundance is the result of a complex interaction of energies that actually create matter, not the other way around as orthodox science believes. For him energy was primary, and physical form the secondary effect.

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