Gary H. Kah - En route to global occupation



Gary H. Kah - En route to global occupation
A high ranking government liaison exposes the secret agenda for world unification


High-ranking government liaison Gary Kah warns that national sovereignty will soon be a thing of the past. Political forces around the world are now cooperating in unprecedented fashion to achieve their goal of uniting the people of this planet under a New World Order.

Because of his background in government, Gary Kah was invited to join the WCPA (World Constitution and Parliament Association), overseeing the planning and implementation of the one world government. For the skeptical observer, the material in this book "should serve as ample evidence that the drive to create a one world government is for real," including reproductions of the original WCPA documents.

The author further demonstrates that there is an ominous cooperation between the globalists, who are promoting the one world government, and the burgeoning New Age groups, who are promoting a new religion. If our countrymen do not begin to resist this global government, sovereign nations will cease to exist and a single global economic system will be established.

Kah has received a myriad of honors for his scholastic and professional achievements: Governor's Commendation for outstanding service to the State of Indiana; the A.C. Wall Street Journal Award for Outstanding Economic Achievement; Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; International Youth in Achievement Award; IBC's Men of Achievement Award; Who's Who in the Midwest', and Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America.


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