The Craft of Power - Audiobook


The Craft of Power - Audiobook
The Craft of Power - PDF

The fusion of eastern mysticism and western pragmatism
A philosophical and strategic guide to the uses of power

Fortify yourself against the likes of you

Crime, it is here to stay—be versed
A power play without money can only be a farce
Mix blame with pain in your punishments
Expect foul play
Coil yourself omnidirectionally
Be quick in masking yourself and unmasking others
Martyrs must be honored if power is to flourish
Never confuse exhilaration with power
Never, never, never, never outshine the big boss

This remarkable book presents a step-by-step system to develop an appreciation of the underlying principles of personal power and its enhancement.
A compelling blend of erudition, wit, storytelling, cynicism, morality, and practicality, The Craft of Power is profuse with techniques for managing people and organizations, for developing a personal philosophy of power, and for implementing this philosophy.
If you can live with it, it can live with you. Let not the wailing and groaning of the innocent weaken your will to win and keep.

R.G.H. Siu received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. He has worked for Harvard, the Army, the Department of Justice, the Panel on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy of the Joint Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy, and as Chairman of Members of the Academy for Contemporary Problems, and has lectured all over the world to academic and business groups. Most recently he has been an independent consultant in corporate strategy, research and development management, and social problems. Among his books are The Tao of Science and, forthcoming from Quill, Transcending the Power Game: The Way to Executive Serenity.

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