Esteban Aguila - Underground facts of the Watergate affair



Esteban Aguila - Underground facts of the Watergate affair
The jewish conspiracy to seize the United States government

Library of political secrets number 3

Many anguished North Americans saw on their television screens Richard M. Nixon's leave-taking tram the White House, after hIS dramatic resiqnotion from the position of Constitutional President of the United States of North Amenca, the first power of the world.
Among the Silent spectators there were those who shed a tear. while others preferred to switch off their T V sets, unable to stand the tension of this histoncol moment in which the most vituperated man of the post-war period made an unexpected public appearence. ceremoniously and calmly greeting his old collaborators.
Unfortunately for the United States. however, a press. a television and a radio controlled by the Jews, were able to brainwash the majority of the North American people, making them believe that the object of the ridiculous Watergate soondal woo to chastise an errant President and his collaborators' violations of the law and to save democracy and the North American Constitution.
Paradoxioolly. the President elected WIth the greatest mcjority of votes In the history of the nation, was forced to resign due to the Watergate case, the political show dramatized In the manner of a "Popular Tribunal" mampulated by a vile and mfamous minority which monopolizes information and controls the major weekly newspapers, rodio, television. news cables and mternational news agenCies. Thus ended the Siege which was imticted six years ago.
Indeed, ever since 1968, when Richard Nixon was elected candidate for the Presidency of the United States by the Republican Party, defeating the leftist wing headed by the Jewish plutocrat, Nelson Rockefeller, he saw himself slowly encircled by a conspiracy that was discrediting his authority in international politics, demolishing his prestige. undermining his morale, and sullying his name in a campaign of such a calibre, so void of scruples, and so full of low expedients as has pot been in our memory since the decades of the fifties when Truman and his associates launched the press against the patriotic senator, Joseph McCarthy, in a campaign that ended in his strange, "natural" death.
For the last eight months the information monopoly had been pounding on the matter day after day with a suspiciously coincidental persistence, meticulousness and unanimity, presenting its version of the Watergate case as if it were the whole truth, to the point of making it appear as one of the most important issues in the history of North American politics...

Was watergate a service to the nation or a swindling of the people who voted for Nixon ?
Who defrauded the people : Nixon or the conspirators who plotted his fall ?

Library of political secrets

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