Francis Parker Yockey - The enemy of Europe Audiobook



Francis Parker Yockey - The enemy of Europe - Audiobook

francis_parker_yockey.jpgThe Enemy of Europe by Francis Parker Yockey was originally written in the early 1950s as sequel to his most important work Imperium (1948).
In 1953 a translation of his manuscript was first published in German as Der Feind Europas; later it was published in English.

The book largely focuses on presenting his perspective of how World War II started, the effects of the war on the various European nations, which nations truly won and lost, the international political situation after the war, a prediction of a third world war, and other related political events and analyses.

Introductory Note
The Morphology of the Second World War
The First Interbellum-Period 1919-1930
The Liquidation of English Sovereignty
Origins of the war
Stronger Power-Currents in the Age of Absolute Politics
The Metapolitics of the War
Three Aspects of the War
Results of the War
The Power-Problems of the War
The Morphology of the Third World War
The American Occupation of Europe
The Demise of the Western Nations
The Inner Enemy of Europe
The outer Enemies of Europe
The Politics of Europe
The Definition of Enemy
The Power-Problems of the Second Interbellum-Period
The American Power-Accumulation
The Concert of Bolshevism
The Political Enemy of Europe

Also contains a few extra articles written contemporaneously :

The Tragedy Of Youth - 1939
The Proclamation Of London - 1949
What Is Behind The Hanging Of The Eleven Jews In Prague ? - 1952
The Destiny Of America - 1955
The World In Flames - 1961

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