Harry Elmer Barnes - Who started world war one ?


Harry Elmer Barnes - Who started world war one ?
An unbiased analysis of the causes and mitigating factors of World War One from the father of historical Revisionism

World War One : It was the first of the devastating modern wars, involving nations from across the globe and resulting in millions of casualties - both civilians and soldiers.
"The Germans started the war" - that is what we have been told by those who wrote the history of World War I. But how much blame should Germany really bear ?
And what about Austria-Hungary, England, Russia, Belgium, Italy and France ? What was the complex set of circumstances that blew out of control after the assassination of an archduke of Austria-Hungary ? What other options were left to the nations involved ? How did England and Germany get involved in these matters ? And why were Russia and France so eager for a fight ?
Follow along as Revisionist historian Harry Elmer Barnes walks us through the complex history of the time - from the perspective of each of the participant nations - and makes it easy to determine who started WWI.
This book contains additional information on : the Serbian plot; France & Russia war preparations; Austria's plans to act against Serbia; Russia's moves toward war; France encourages Russian mobilization; Germany endeavors to preserve peace; England's refusal to restrain France & Russia; the war in Italy & Belgium; Dr. Barnes' conclusion; how the United States became involved.

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