Heinrich Himmler - Voice of our ancestors



Heinrich Himmler (Wulf Sorenson) - Voice of our ancestors

Introduction By David Lane

For several years I have been writing about the methods that certain aware or initiated individuals of the past have used to keep old wisdom alive and identify tyrants without being burned at the stake, tortured by the inquisition, forced to recant and so on.

One method among many was to disguise messages in the myths and religions and in folkish tales. Wise men look first to the numbers for a wisdom of the ancients. While the words of men are subject to interpretation, change, slanting or translation, the relationship of number is forever constant. Thus, the greatest truths are concealed in number and we read, "But Snow White, over the seven mountains with the seven dwarves is a thousand timed fairer than you."

In this manner messages are identified and interpretation of the parables and allegories is aided. Such devices are often called "Hermetic" (hidden) and may conceal up to seven distinct and separate messages. Wulf Sorensen has given a masterful interpretation of the Snow White fairy tale in "Voice Of Our Ancestors". We hope you will enjoy and that the message will aid you and others in the search for what has been destroyed by tyrants of church and state during two thousand years of dark ages of religion and of governmental suppression.

Heinrich Himmler - La SS Organisation de combat anti-bolchévique



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