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Jakob Wilhelm Hauer - Germany's new religion
The german faith movement


The "University Village" of Tubingen, as the students affectionately call it, still preserves a good deal of its early nineteenth century atmosphere. The "alte aula", the old main building of the university, still looks down on the gracious splendor of the famous avenue of plane trees and the quiet waters of the Neckar, just as in the days of Holderlin and Uhland, Strauss and Bauer. The smells, too, of the peasant quarter, which are reminiscent of nothing so much as a Jerusalem Bazaar, remains unchanged. But it bears the stamp of the new Germany as well.
A magnificent new university building has been erected in the postwar period, new barracks have been rushed up to house the new army, and the main street resounds daily with the tramp and song of eager Storm Troopers. And it is also now the center of the main types of German theology. The confessional Lutheran Church is represented by its most prominent theologian, Karl Heim, the Catholic Church its eloquent apologete, Karl Adam; and the neo-pagan religion by its prophet and leader, Wilhelm Hauer. Professor Hauer has become the center of a controversy which is raging all over Germany, and he is everywhere regarded as a serious menace to all types of Christianity..
This volume gives the English reader a statement from his own pen - both of his positive aims and views and of his objections to Christianity.

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