Lady Queenborough - Occult theocrasy



Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller) - Occult theocrasy
Volume 1 and 2 - 1933

Edith Starr Miller, the author of this book, was a British blue blood on par with Princess Diana.
She understood occult religions and secret societies as she experienced them first hand-her husband was the 1st Baron of Queenborough, treasurer of the League of Nations and member of British Union of Fascists who helped secure oil monopolies for John D. Rockefeller. Shortly after the book's publication, Edith Starr Miller, age 45, died, as even as the occult Grand Lodge of Canada attested, "under suspicious circumstances." Modernists dismiss Edith as "anti-Semitic," a term used by the narrow-minded to end open-minded discussion. Miller's sin ? She wrote that Judaism's goal (and secret societies) was to enpower the super rich by controlling education and the mass media.
She felt such goals were Satanic in origin. After reading Miller's opus, it is hard to argue otherwise in light of what is occurring in the world today.

The work is simply fascinating.


Anyone wanting to see what the fuss is about should download it. It is a book of facts, and those facts disturb people who don't want you to think about these topics. The question is: Do certain groups benefit, if they can prevent you from being exposed to facts that demonstrate what they have done to the West, in terms of the taking away of Christian values, and the replacement of those values with anti-Christian values ? Further, whom does it profit if millions cannot read, if the public schools do not teach history, and if people forget their heritage ?
People have a hard time when they realize this. Wait until they see the facts to establish whether this was done on purpose or not.




I. — The Religion of the Secret
II. — The Meaning of Occultism
III. — Brahminism
IV. — Mazdeism (Zoroastrianism), Jainism
V. — Confucianism and Taoism
VI. — Egyptian Esoterism
VII. — Judaism, The Pharisees
VIII. — Orpheism and the Pagan Mysteries
IX. — The Druids
X. — Christianity
XI. — Manicheism
XII. — Witchcraft
XIII. — The Gnostics (The Heretics)
XIV. — Lamaism
XV. — The Yezidees (Devil Worshippers)
XVI. — Orthodox Islam
XVII. — Unorthodox Islam, The Ishmaelites, The Lodge of Cairo
XVIII. — The Druses
XIX. — The Assassins
XX. — The Knights Templar
XXI. — Knights of Malta
XXII. — The Rosicrucians
XXIII. — Cathares, Albigenses, Waldenses
XXIV. — The Moravians or The Order of Religious Freemasons, etc
XXV. — The Anabaptists
XXVI. — Grand Lodge of England
XXVII. — The Gospel of Revolution
XXVIII. — The Preparation
XXIX. — General Pepe and " The One Big Union ".
XXX. — Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini....
XXXI. — Practical Politics
XXXII. — Adriano Lemmi
XXXIII. — The Interlocking Directorate


XXXIV. — 1520 The Illuminati of Spain
XXXV. — 1541 The Order of the Jesuits....
XXXVI. — 1562 The Defenders (Roman Catholic)
XXXVII. — 1641 Ancient Order of Hibernians (Roman Catholic)
XXXVIII. — 1638 Jansenism
XXXIX. — 1688 Camisards of the Cevennes
XL. — 1721 Rite of Swedenborg or Illuminati of Stockholm
XLI. — 1725 Supreme Conseil and Grand Orient de France
XLI I. — 1731 The Convulsionaries of St. Médard
XLI II. — 1750 The Royal Order of Scotland...
XLIV. — 1751 The Strict Observance
XLV. — 1754 The Martinist Order
XLVI. — 1760 The Illuminati of Avignon
XLVII. — 1761 Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (American), Ancient and Accepted Rite (England)
XLVIII. — 1763 The Order of the Mopse
XLIX. — 1766 The Rite of Zinnendorf
L. — 1773 The Philaletes (Chercheurs de la Verité)
LI. — 1776 The Illuminati of Bavaria
LII. — 1786 The Tugendbund
LIII. — 1786 The Jacobins
LIV. — 1790 The Knights Templar of America



LV. — 1791 The United Irishmen
LVI. — 1795 The Orange Society (Protestant and Masonic)
LVII. — 1798 The Philadelphians (The Olympians)
LVIII. — 1799 The Scottish Philosophic Rite...
LIX. — 1804 Modern Knights Templar, England
LX. — 1804 Modern Knights Templar, France
LXI. — Modern Knights Templar, Sweden
LXII. — 1805 The Rite of Mizraim
LXIII. — 1805 The Ribbon Society (Roman Catholic)
LXIV. — 1808 The Cerneau Rite (A. & A. Scottish Rite)
LXV. — 1809 Carbonarism (Alta Vendita)...
LXVI. — 1810 The Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, England
LXVII. — 1814 The Hetairia of Greece (Etherists)
LXVIII. — 1815 The Hung Society of China..
LXIX. — 1815 The Rite of Memphis
LXX. — 1816 The Calderari
LXXI. — 1820 French Carbonarism
LXXII. — 1822 Modern Knights Templar, Poland
LXXIII. — 1825 The St. Patrick Boys
LXXIV. — 1830 Brahmo Somaj
LXXV. — 1830 The Mormons
LXXVI. — 1843 The Independent Order of B'nai B'rith (Jewish Masonry)
LXXVII. — 1843 Young Ireland
LXXVI II. — 1844 The Bahai Movement
LXXIX. — 1844 The Independent Order of Oddfellows (I. O. O. F.) (American)
LXXX. — 1848 Modern Spiritism
LXXXI. — 1850 The Eastern Star
LXXXII. — 1857 The Irish Republican Brotherhood (The Fenians)
LXXXIII. — 1858 Phoenix Society of Skibbereen.
LXXXIV. — 1860 L'Alliance Israelite Universelle
LXXXV. — 1860 The International (First and Second)
LXXXVI. — 1865 The Ku-Klux Klan
LXXXVII. — 1866 Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia..
LXXXVIII. — 1869 The Clan-na-Gael (V. C.).....
LXXXIX. — 1869 The Nihilists
XC. — 1871 The Cryptic Rite
XCI. — 1872 The Sat Bhai of Prague
XCII. — 1872 Ancient and Primitive Rite, Rite of Memphis (England).
XCIII. — 1872 The Anarchists
XCIV. — 1874 Ancient and Archaeological Order of Druids
XCV. — 1875 The Theosophical Society....
XCVI. — 1876 Primitive and Original Phremasons, Swedenborgian Rite.
XCVII —1879 The National Land League...
XCVIII. — 1879 Russellites or International Bible Students
XCIX. — 1881 The Invincibles
C. — 1882 Société Théosophique d'Orient et d'Occident
CI. — 1882 Grand Lamaistic Order of Light (Fratres Lucis)
CII. — 1882 The ahmadiyyah Sect
GUI. — 1882 Co-Masonry
CIV. — 1882 Knights of Columbus
CV. — 1883 Christian Science
CVI. — 1883 The Fabian Society
CVII. — 1884 Gaelic Athletic Association..
CVIII. — 1884 Hermetic Society
CIX. — 1888 Order of The Golden Dawn in the Outer
CX. — 1895 Modern Illuminism, Ancient Order of Oriental Templars (Ordo Templi Orientis) (To Ov)
CXI. — 1895 Theosophical Society of America
CXII. — 1896 Irish Socialist Republican Party
CXIII. — 1900 The Young Turk Movement..
CXIV. — 1901 The Amsterdam International.
CXV. — 1903 Stella Matutina
CXVI. — 1905 Sinn Fein
CXVII. — 1908 The Honourable Fraternity of Antient Masonry (Female Lodges)
CXVIII. — 1908 Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America
CXIX. — 1910 Sufism (Occidental)
CXX. — 1911 Narodna Odbrana
CXXI. — 1913 The Anthroposophical Society.
CXXII. — 1915 Friends of Irish Freedom.....
CXXIII. — 1915 The Knights of the Ku-Klux Klan
CXXIV. — 1917 Sinn Fein in America
CXXV. — 1919 The Third International (Communist)
CXXVI. — 1919 The Fascisti
CXXVII. — 1920 American Prohibition and the Anti-Saloon League
CXXVIII. — 1920 The American Civil Liberties Union
CXXIX. — 1920 The V. V. V. (Vereinigung Vergewältigter Voelker)
CXXX. — 1920 Juvenile Freemasonry
CXXXI. — 1920 The League Of Nations
CXXXII. — 1920 Tenri Kenjukai
CXXXIII. — 1928 Buchmanism
CXXXIV. — 1928 The Rackets
CXXXV. — 1930 The New History Society
CXXXVI. — 1930 The Youth Peace Federation..
CXXXVII. — 1930 The International Bank

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