Matthew Hale - The racial loyalist manifesto


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Matthew Hale - The racial loyalist manifesto

For over a decade, wrongfully convicted patriot and political prisoner Matthew Hale has languished behind bars due solely to his religious convictions and personal beliefs. Now, the public can read his dynamic and controversial vision for the future in The Racial Loyalist Manifesto.

Reverend Matt Hale is the foremost religious prisoner of conscience in America today. From 1996 until his arrest in 2003, he led the World Church of the Creator, then the fastest growing pro-White organization in America. He was America's most well-known advocate for that cause, appearing numerous times on shows such as Today, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and other as well as being known for his public speeches around the country. A graduate of Southern Illinois School of Law and an accomplished classical violinist, he was convicted in 2004 on phony charges of having solicited the murder of Federal District Court Judge Joan Lefkow even though there is no evidence that any such solicitation occured. Nevertheless, this book is proof of the fact that his wrongful imprisonment has failed to stop him from fighting for our White people whom he loves. Now it is our task to place this book into as many hands of our people as possible. Do your part. His website is
A WordPress site dedicated to the release of an innocent man we believe was wrongly imprisoned by the Jewish Occupational Government (JOG), more commonly known as the Government of the United States of America, for daring to speak the truth

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