Michael Hoffman - The great holocaust trial



The Landmark Battle for Freedom of Speech
Michael Hoffman - The great holocaust trial
Third Commemorative Edition

The Inside Story of Ernst Zundel Who Was Prosecuted in Two Criminal Trials, Gagged, Jailed and Assaulted for Publishing a Politically Incorrect History Book
Revised, Expanded, Third Commemorative Edition - 1995

Ernst Zündel was arrested, tried twice in criminal court, repeatedly jailed and placed under a judicial gag order because he published this book in Canada.

Six millions de morts le sont-ils réellement ?
Did six million really die ?

They shall lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name's sake.
Luke 21 : 12

In the catalog of heresies, none is regarded in our time as more sacrilegious than skepticism about any allegation grouped under the Newspeak term "Holocaust," as it is applied to the history of the Second World War. Enter Ernst Zundel, a child survivor of the Allied firebombing of his hometown of Pforzheim, Germany and an emigrant to Canada in search of peace and prosperity.
Determined to oppose what he believed to be the mendacious defamation of his people, Zundel published a revisionist book which struck at the nerve-center of consensus reality. Its title was an eponymous question, Did Six Million Really Die? It cast doubt not only on the six million figure but on the engine of death as well, submitting the gas chambers to scrutiny.
In 1983, Zundel began the fateful ordeal of arrests, trials, riots, and beatings directed against him due to the publication of his revisionist book. Nine years later his case culminated in a landmark decision by the Supreme Coun of Canada.
The show trials of Zundel were forecast as an easy victory for the government. But as the eyes of the world turned to the Toronto courtroom, in a remarkable and historic turnabout, the inquisition of a publisher rapidly became a trial of the homicidal gas chamber claim itself. Startling admissions, consonant with revisionist theory, were elicited from witnesses for the prosecution, wbile experts testifying for the defense produced forensic evidence of the unthinkable: that the execution gas chambers presemed as such in Auschwitz were fakes.
Michael A. Hoffman II details Zundel's evolution as a dissident activist and provides an intense account of the first trial, which he recorded as a member of the press gallery. He critiques the corporate media and documents the parade of historians and technicians who corroborated Zundel's doubts during his second trial.
Hoffman concludes with a tour de force essay on civil liberty and historical context, suggesting that our collective ignorance of the other holocausts of the 20th century bas led us to permit the growth of Pharisaic fanaticism and government tyranny.

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