The Aryan Eagle - Aetlantis, Homeland of the Aryan Race !


The Aryan Eagle - Issue 33 - 2001
White power ! White revolution !
Official organ of the National Socialist White Revolutionary party

Aetlantis, Homeland of the Aryan Race !

The Aryan Eagle is proud to present, complete in this issue, a history-making article by Commander Michael L. Hansen. The result of decades of research, this article reveals, for the first time anywhere, the lost (suppressed!) true history of the Aryan Race and its origins and prehistoric development in ancient Aetlantis.
It also tells of the FIRST Creation. that of proto-Aryans on the sunken Pacific continent called Mu or Lemuria.
In addition, it details the origin of the ancestors of today's jews, a monstrous blood-sucking serpent race from the lost planet Lucifer !
This article will change for good the way you look at your Racial History. No longer will you fall for jewish fables, Kosher-Christian lies, or "pagan" superstitions.

Read on and learn the proud history of the one and only truly HUMAN race on this planet : The ARYAN RACE !!

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