This site is the brainchild of Prothink's Mike Delaney and it was founded on the principal of preserving the right of freedom of speech and expression. With the Internet becoming more and more of a censored zone, and with popular video websites like YouTube unfairly censoring and shutting down the opinions of others, Mr. Delaney felt that there was room for TRUTUBE.TV, and that the need for such a site was high.

TruTube.TV a community based, no sponsor, completely user dependant and funded website.
Mr. Delaney is proud of the fact that the community of TruTube.TV has stepped up on multiple occasions to help the site grow and keep the site running by volunteering technical expertise as well as with financial support. TRUTUBE.TV cannot exist without the strong user foundation that has made TRUTUBE.TV what it has become. For that, we thank you ! We're happy to see you here, and we looking forward to seeing TRUTUBE.TV and its community grow !

TruTube.TV is not affiliated with any political party, organization, movement, or ideal. TruTube.TV is simply a vehicle for people to express their opinion, thus we are a website that ensures the absolute right to say what they think and feel, in accordance with our Terms of Use.


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