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Friday 21 February 2020

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Невиновные в Нюрнберге

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Not Guilty at Nuremberg - Russian.jpg

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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Невиновные в Нюрнберге
Not Guilty at Nuremberg - Russian
Слово в защиту подсудимых

Uninformed people consider the "Nuremberg War Crimes Trials" as the ultimate proof of the guilt of the German leadership before and during World War II. The transcripts of the proceedings, however, tell an entirely different story. This volume contains the defense arguments put forward by the main defendants at the trials. It shows that the trials broke every legal precedent and procedure of evidence in the book.
Defendants were refused the right to cross-examine "witnesses", blatantly forged documents were accepted as genuine without question, and evidence indicating torture of suspects was struck out by order of the judges.
In addition, the blatant contradictions in the prosecution arguments (which saw the Germans charged with the exact same behavior as exhibited by the Allies during the war), combined with the persuasive counter arguments from the defendants themselves, provides a fascinating insight into the 1946 lynch-mob proceedings which masqueraded as "trials".

Porter Carlos Whitlock - PDF

Não culpados em Nuremberg
Non colpevole a Norimberga
Non coupable au procès de Nuremberg
No culpable en el proceso de Nuremberg

Made in Russia : The Holocaust
Letters Part One

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Not Guilty at Nuremberg Russian.jpg

Thursday 20 February 2020

No white guilt interviews Liv Heide - White Date

No White Guilt Interviews Liv Heide founder of WhiteDate.NET

The fact that YouTube censored THIS interview right away by putting it into limited state is just another proof that we are dealing with an antagonist that wants whites dead. Their biggest fear is to see us withdrawing from their system and getting organized to peacefully pursue our interests. They would prefer us rallying in the streets to be able to accuse us of (fill in the blank) but seeing white build self-sufficient families and exclusive communities is their worst nightmare.


Les rencontres entre Blancs pour sauver la France et la Civilisation Européenne
White Date - For European singles
Für rotgepillte - White Date

How Femininity Can Heal Western Demography
What You Should be Looking for in a Partner
My People First
Eugenics is Everywhere

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Germany v Porter

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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Germany v. Porter
Punishment first, trial afterwards

Very little is published on the repression of dissenting historical research and political opinion in Europe. "Censorship" is something that happens only in Burma, China, Turkey, Egypt, and other far-away places. Censorship in Europe is simply a "matter of criminal law" !
The "law" is almost completely one-sided and the defendants are almost invariably so-called "right-wingers" and "nationalists". In Germany, dissidents can be charged with 3 different offences: "popular incitement" (whatever that means), "incitement to racial hatred", and "defaming the dead". There is no objective definition of these offences and no way to distinguish between them (they are said to be "identical in law"); yet the first is punishable by 5 years imprisonment, while the second is punishable by 3 "only". The statute of limitations is 10 years, as against 3 or 6 for most serious felonies. No transcripts are made of oral argument before the courts, and no substantive defense is possible: defendants are permitted to argue technicalities only. Lawyers "guilty" of defending their clients too vigorously are commonly imprisoned as well.
One case, however - the records of which are reproduced here - took an unexpected turn when the wild-card defendant refused to cooperate...


On April 25, 1995, a former member of the Wehrmacht (not the SS), Reinhold Elstner, burnt himself to death at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich to protest what he called the "Niagara of lies" engulfing Germany.
Astonishingly, the Munich police had the shamelessness to arrest people for placing wreaths on the spot, and to remove all the burn marks with a blow torch. In protest, I sent over 200 copies of Nicht schuldig in Nürnberg, a German translation of Not Guilty at Nuremberg, a brochure authored by myself, accompanied by a protest letter, one to every important newspaper, magazine and politician in the country, to Helmut Kohl, Richard von Weizsäcker and five others by registered mail, to make sure they got it.
The Mayor of Munich, a certain Christian Ude, got his knickers in a twist and the result was 17 months of so-called "legal proceedings" during which I told them more or less to bugger off. Of course, I was polite about it: I said, "I defy your authority and I refuse to comply with any order to do anything."
For 17 months, the German courts ignored everything introduced by the Defendant, i.e., myself, in reply to the avalanche of subpoenas, summonses, certified letters, certified translations, demands for payment, etc. Jokes, insults, sarcasm, refusals to appear, demands for the production of evidence, irrefutable legal arguments, refusals to pay, etc. were all ignored - like a computer continually displaying the same error message.
Goaded beyond endurance, his back to the wall, the Defendant took drastic, perhaps unprecedented action...

Carlos W. Porter

Carlos Whitlock Porter - PDF
Made in Russia : The Holocaust
Letters Part One
Soviet evidence at Nuremberg

Monday 17 February 2020

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Soviet evidence at Nuremberg

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Soviet evidence at Nuremberg.jpg

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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Soviet evidence at Nuremberg

How the Soviets Manufactured Fake German War Crimes for the Nuremberg Court.

Document USSR-54 as presented at Nuremberg Translated from German by Carlos Whitlock Porter.
Checked against the original Russian.

Carlos_Whitlock_Porter.jpgCarlos Whitlock Porter was born in 1947 in California in a family of Navy officers and lawyers. C.W. Porter studied in Europe, and is a professional translator and member of the Institute of Linguists. Since 1976, he has studied the Holocaust and war crimes trials with detailed patience and precision, including the related questions of law, toxicology and chemistry. Concerning the International Military Tribunal trial records, C.W. Porter's work exposes these kangaroo courts to have been absurd and hideous miscarriages of justice. The Nuremberg Trial records would be hysterically funny if they were not responsible for over fifty years of suffering and injustice. His main works are "Made in Russia: The Holocaust" and "Not Guilty at Nuremberg".

Carlos Whitlock Porter - PDF
Made in Russia : The Holocaust
Letters Part One
Germany v. Porter

Sunday 16 February 2020

Benton L. Bradberry - The myth of German villainy - Audiobook

Benton L. Bradberry - The myth of German villainy - Audiobook - AldebaranVideo - Archive.org

Benton L. Bradberry - The myth of German villainy - PDF - For more informations

Neither Kaiser Wilhelm nor Adolf Hitler wanted war. Both WWI or WWII were thrust upon Germany by Allied powers. Germany's great sin was emerging too late as a consolidated nation-state & upsetting the long established balance of power scheme in Europe. The already established great powers, Britain, France & Russia, joined together in 1914 to destroy this new rival. When Germany rose phoenix-like from the ashes of WWI to again become a great power, they finished the job with World War II. The deliberate destruction of Germany during the second World War can only be compared to the Roman destruction of ancient Carthage, and it was done for the same reason - to destroy a commercial rival. The "offical" history of World Wars I & II, the story we learned in school, is a Myth.

As the title The Myth of German Villainy indicates, this book is about the mischaracterization of Germany as history’s ultimate villain. The official story of Western Civilization in the 20th century casts Germany as the disturber of the peace in Europe, and the cause of both World War I and World War II, though the facts don’t bear that out. During both wars, fantastic atrocity stories were invented by the Allied propaganda machine to create hatred of the German people for the purpose of transforming public opinion to support the wars. The mainstream holocaust propaganda that emerged after World War II further solidified this image of Germany as history’s ultimate dastardly villain. But how true is this “official” story? Was Germany really history’s ultimate rogue nation? In this book, Benton L. Bradberry paints a different picture. He explains that Germany was not the perpetrator of World War I nor World War II, but instead, was the victim of Allied aggression in both wars. The instability wrought by World War I made the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia possible, which brought world Communism into existence. Hitler and Germany recognized world Communism, with its base in the Soviet Union, as an existential threat to Western, Christian civilization, and he dedicated himself and Germany to a death struggle against it. Far from being the disturber of European peace, Germany served as a bulwark that prevented Communist revolutionaries from sweeping over Europe. The pity was that the United States and Britain did not see the Soviet Union in the same light, ultimately with disastrous consequences for the West. The author believes that Britain and the United States joined the wrong side in the war and that things would have been far different had they backed the right horse.

Revisionism - PDF balderexlibris.com
Third Reich - PDF balderexlibris.com
Second World War - PDF balderexlibris.com

Thursday 13 February 2020

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Nem bűnös Nürnbergben

Nem bűnös Nürnbergben.jpg

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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Nem bűnös Nürnbergben
A németek védelmében

Tajekozatlan ember szamara a "nurnbergi haborus buncselekmenyek bunvadi eljarasai", adjak a vegso bizonyitekot a nemet vezetes bunossegevel kapcsolatban, a masodik vilaghaboru elotti es alatti idokben. Az eljarasi atiratok azonban, egy teljesen mas tortenetet vazolnak. Ez a kotet tartalmazza az alperesek vedelemi erveleset, es azt bizonyitja, hogy a vizsgalatok minden jogi precedenst es bizonyitasi eljarasmodot megszegtek a konyvben. Az alperesek nem hallgathattak ki a "tanukat", a nyilvanvaloan hamisitott dokumentumokat elfogadtak mint valodiakat kerdes nelkul, es a gyanusitottak kinzasara vallo bizonyitekokat, egyszeruen csak kihuztak a birak parancsolatara.

Bevezető - 5
„Bűnös szervezetek” - 6
Dokumentumok - 9
Martin Bormann - 12
Karl Dönitz - 13
Hans Frank - 15
Wilhelm Frick - 16
Hans Fritzsche - 17
Walter Funk - 18
Kurt Gerstein - 19
G.M. Gilbert - 20
Hermann Göring - 21
Rudolf Hess - 24
Rudolf Höss - 25
Japán háborús bűnös perek - 31
Alfred Jodl - 34
Ernst Kaltenbrunner - 36
Wilhelm Keitel - 38
Konstantin von Neurath - 40
Franz von Papen - 41
Erich Raeder - 43
Joachim von Ribbentrop - 43
Alfred Rosenberg és Ernst Sauckel - 47
Hjalmar Schacht - 49
Baldur von Schirach - 50
Arthur Seyss-Inquart - 52
Albert Speer - 53
Julius Streicher - 54

Porter Carlos Whitlock - PDF

Não culpados em Nuremberg
Non colpevole a Norimberga
Non coupable au procès de Nuremberg
No culpable en el proceso de Nuremberg

Made in Russia : The Holocaust
Letters Part One

Porter - Nem bűnös Nürnbergben.jpg

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Carlos Porter - Made in Russia : The Holocaust

Carlos Porter Made in Russia.jpg

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Carlos Porter - Made in Russia : The Holocaust

Reviewed by Theodore J. O'Keefe
A stumbling block for Revisionists, just as it was for the postwar German defendants, is the seeming wealth of documents and testimony assembled by Allied prosecutors for the Nuremberg trials. The more than sixty volumes of trial material which appeared in the wake of the "Trial of the Major War Criminals" and twelve subsequent trials before the (American) Nuremberg Military Tribunal have for many years supplied a massive compilation of apparently damning evidence against Germany's National Socialist regime. Most Exterminationists, academic and lay, believe that Germany's "aggression" in beginning the war, and the numerous atrocities and war crimes laid to the German account, above all the alleged Holocaust of European Jewry, are amply documented in the so-called "Nuremberg record."
A critique of the Nuremberg trials, from a number of different angles, has been a staple of Revisionist writing since the trials. Revisionist authors who chose not to contest directly the Holocaust charges (e.g. F.J.P. Veale) attacked the trials for their various failings in equity, jurisdiction, etc. Holocaust Revisionists, such as Arthur Butz and Robert Faurisson, have focused on specific abuses involved in producing testimony and evidence in support of the Holocaust, from physical and psychological pressure exerted to obtain confessions and affidavits to the authenticity of certain of the documents transcribed and reproduced in the various Nuremberg volumes.
To date no Revisionist, Holocaust or otherwise, has mounted an assault on the Nuremberg "evidence" equal in intensity to that undertaken by Carlos W. Porter in Made in Russia: The Holocaust. Porter's technique is to confront the documents directly, by reproducing page after page from the 42-volume Trial of the Major War Criminals (the Blue Series).
Porter's tactic is audacious and provocative: he gives Allied prosecutors and their witnesses the floor and lets them strut their stuff for a good seventy-seven pages before deigning to answer their charges at any length. The catch is that most of the charges are so bizarre that Exterminationists have long since quietly let them lapse. Porter will have none of this, however: a stern Ghost of Holohoaxery Past, he puts the Nuremberg trials on trial by forcing the reader to confront the sort of tripe with which American, Soviet, British, and American prosecutors burdened the Germans and their leaders.
How many people know that at Nuremberg the Germans were accused of, along with killing about six million Jews :

- vaporizing 20,000 Jews near Auschwitz with "atomic energy";
- killing 840,000 Russian POW's at Sachsenhausen concentration camp (in one month, with special pedal-driven brain-bashing machines, no less), then disposing of them in mobile -sic- crematoria;
- torturing and killing Jewish prisoners to the tempo of a specially composed "Tango of Death" in Lvov;
- steaming Jews to death like lobsters at Treblinka;
- electrocuting them en masse at Belzec;
- making not only lampshades and soap but also handbags, driving gloves, book bindings, saddles, riding breeches, gloves, house slippers, etc. from the remains of their victims; - killing prisoners and concentration camp inmates for everything from having armpit hair to soiled underclothing ?
- Each of these grotesque claims is on display in Made in Russia, reproduced just as it appears in the Nuremberg volumes, and handily underlined and referenced for the convenience of researcher and skeptic alike.

After a sobering (or hilarious, depending on your point of view) survey of Nuremberg atrocity "evidence," Porter reminds readers that at Nuremberg the Soviets introduced reams of so-called evidence purporting to demonstrate that it was the Germans, not Stalins's henchmen in the secret police, who murdered over 4,000 Polish prisoners at Katyn, near Smolensk. As the author points out, an official Soviet stamp sufficed to make false affidavits, phony confessions, faked forensic reports and the like "evidence" admissible at Nuremberg under Articles 19 and 21 of the London Agreement of August 8, 1945, in which the Allied lawyers devised the rules which would bind judges and defense attorneys at the forthcoming "trial." Americans, Britons, and Frenchmen currently gloating over Soviet discomfiture at the recent insistence of the Polish regime on finally laying the blame for Katyn where it belongs should recall that the Western Allies said not a public word at Nuremberg to challenge the Soviet "evidence" on Katyn (the judges quietly glossed over the Red charges by omitting them from their verdict).

It is the special service of Made in Russia: The Holocaust to remind readers that the same Soviet stamp which converted the fake Katyn reports into admissible evidence at Nuremberg also provided proof of the extermination of millions of Jews at Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, and elsewhere. As Porter emphasizes, physical and forensic evidence for the Holocaust was never introduced, nor is there any reason whatsoever to imagine it ever existed. All we have is a handful of "testimonies," and "confessions," and the reports of a number of Soviet or Soviet-controlled "investigative" commissions. If there was a Soviet Fred Leuchter, we have yet to hear from him (and probably never will). The same Red prosecutors who framed the victims of Stalin's purges at the Moscow show trials, and sent millions of innocents to their deaths in our gallant Soviet ally's Gulag archipelago, are the chief source for the vaunted Nuremberg evidence of the "Holocaust."

Porter provides numerous examples of prosecution tactics, usually allowed by the judges, which would make hanging judge Roy Bean, or even Neal Sher, blanche. He points out that the prosecution made it difficult, if not impossible, for the defense lawyers to have timely access to the documents introduced into evidence by the prosecution; that "photocopies" and "transcripts" were almost invariably submitted in evidence by the prosecution instead of the original German documents, which in very many cases seem today to have disappeared; that the defendants rarely were able to confront their accusers, since "affidavits" from witnesses who had been deposed months or even weeks before sufficed; etc., etc., etc.

The author touches on many other aspects of the Holocaust legend, from the feasibility of homicidal gassing with Zyklon-B to the ease with which atrocity photos can be faked (just supply the right caption!) to the Allied prosecutors' propensity for introducing page after page of irrelevant evidence (Porter reproduces several cartoons from Julius Streicher's anti-Jewish Der Giftpilz -The Toadstool- which found their way into the "Nuremberg record").

Made in Russia: The Holocaust is vulnerable to several minor criticisms. The many photographs which appear in Porter's book might have been better reproduced. Lawyers may cavil at a few of his interpretations, and doubtless other Revisionist researchers will find bones to pick here and there in some of his assertions on Zyklon, gas chambers, etc.

On balance, however, Made in Russia: The Holocaust is a book with something of value for every reader with an interest in Revisionism. Porter, a professional translator and businessman, writes with a mordant irony (the sillier Exterminationists may find a treasure trove of new atrocities to bewail here) and an admirable concision: Made in Russia can be gotten through in an hour and a half. After reading it, Revisionists will no longer be in the least awed by the Nuremberg trial volumes, and it is to be hoped that Porter's book will stimulate them to consult this dubious "record" for themselves.

From The Journal of Historical Review, Spring 1989 (Vol. 9, No. 1), pages 89-92.

Carlos Porter - PDF
Made in Russia The Holocaust Video transcription
Made in Russia : The Holocaust Livret d’accompagnement de la vidéo
Made in Russia l'Holocaust

Theodore J. O'Keefe - PDF

Made in Russia : The Holocaust

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck - Germany's Third Empire

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck - Germany's Third Empire.jpg

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck - Germany's Third Empire

Prefactory Letter To Heinrich von Gleichen
I. Revolutionary : Let us win the Revolution
II. Socialist : Each People has its own socialism
III. Liberalism : Liberalism is the death of nations
IV. Democrat : Democracy exists where the people take a share in determining their own fate.
V. Proletarian : The Proletarian is such by his own desire.
VI. Reactionary : A Policy may be reversed: History cannot.
VII. Conservative: Conservatism has eternity on its side.
VIII. The Third Empire: We must have the strength to live in antithesis.

Dear Gleichen,
This book contains an analysis of the political parties. It is addressed to Germans of every party. It discusses their ideologies, and their party types. The attempt this books makes was not possible from any party standpoint; it ranges over all our political problems, from the extreme Left to the extreme Right. It is written from the standpoint of a Third Party, which is already in being. Only such an attempt could address itself to the nation while attacking all the parties; could reveal the disorder and discord into which the parties have long since fatefully fallen and which has spread from them through our whole political life; could reach that lofty spiritual plane of political philosophy which the parties have forsaken, but which must for the nation’s sake be maintained, which the conservative must preserve and the revolutionary must take by storm.
Instead of government by party we offer the ideal of the THIRD EMPIRE. It is an old German conception and a great one. It arose when our First Empire fell; it was early quickened by the thought of a millennium; but its underlying thought has always been a future which should be not the end of all things but the dawn of a German age in which the German People would for the first time fulfil their destiny on earth.
In the years which followed the collapse of our Second Empire, we have had experience of Germans; we have seen that the nation’s worst enemy is herself: her trustfulness, her casualness, her credulity, her inborn, fate-fraught, apparently unshakable, optimism. The German people were scarcely defeated—as never a people was defeated before in history—than the mood asserted itself: "We shall come up again all right!" We heard German fools saying: "We have no fears for Germany!" We saw German dreamers nod their heads in assent: "Nothing can happen to me!"
We must be careful to remember that the thought of the Third Empire is a philosophical idea; that the conceptions which the words "Third Empire" arouse—and the book which bears the title—are misty, indeterminate, charged with feeling; not of this world but of the next. Germans are only too prone to abandon themselves to self-deception. The thought of a THIRD EMPIRE might well be the most fatal of all the illusions to which they have ever yielded; it would be thoroughly German if they contented themselves with day-dreaming about it. Germany might perish of her Third Empire dream.
Let us be perfectly explicit: the thought of the Third Empire—to which we must cling as our last and highest philosophy—can only bear fruit if it is translated into concrete reality. It must quit the world of dreams and step into the political world. It must be as realist as the problems of our constitutional and national life; it must be as sceptical and pessimistic as beseems the times.
There are Germans who assure us that the Empire which rose out of the ruins on the Ninth of November is already the Third Empire, democratic, republican, logically complete. These are our opportunists and eudaemonists. There are other Germans who confess their disappointment but trust to the "reasonableness" of history. These are our rationalists and pacifists. They all draw their conclusions from the premisses of their party-political or utopian wishes, but not from the premisses of the reality which surrounds us. They will not realize that we are a fettered and maltreated nation, perhaps on the very verge of dissolution. Our reality connotes the triumph of all the nations of the earth over the German nation; the primacy in our country of parliamentism after the western model—and party rule. If the THIRD EMPIRE is ever to come it will not beneficently fall from heaven. If the THIRD EMPIRE is to put an end to strife it will not be born in a peace of philosophic dreaming. The THIRD EMPIRE will be an empire of organization in the midst of European chaos. The occupation of the Ruhr and its consequences worked a change in the minds of men. It was the first thing that made the nation think. It opened up the possibility of liberation for a betrayed people. It seemed about to put an end to the "policy of fulfilment" which had been merely party politics disguised as foreign policy. It threw us back on our own power of decision. It restored our will. Parliamentism has become an institution of our public life, whose chief function would appear to be—in the name of the people—to enfeeble all political demands and all national passions.
When the Revolution overwhelmed the War, burying all prospects and all hopes, we asked ourselves the inner meaning of these events. Amidst all the insanity we found a meaning in the thought that the German nation would be driven into becoming politically-minded: now, at last, belatedly.
We said to ourselves then that this war was going to be our education.
Today we ask in despair: Has it, in fact, been so ?
In bitterness we venture to hope: It will prove to have been so.
In this faith,
December, 1922

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck - PDF
Third Reich - PDF

Monday 10 February 2020

Hermann Graf Keyserling - Das spektrum Europas

Graf Hermann Keyserling - Das spektrum Europas.jpg

Graf Hermann Keyserling - Das spektrum Europas

Vorwort zur fünften Auflage

Erst bei Gelegenheit dieser fünften Auflage des Spektrums Europas, das ich im Jahre 1927 schrieb und im Januar 1928 zuerst veröffentlichte, habe ich nennenswerte Änderungen und Besserungen vorgenommen. Offenbar fehlten einige wichtige Völker zu einem vollständigen Spektralbild. Die slawische Linie, die ich jedenfalls am Sonderfalle Polens, vielleicht auch an dem Jugoslawiens behandeln möchte, habe ich auch dieses Mal noch nicht einfügen können, da mir genügende Anschauung der fraglichen Völker fehlt. Aber Portugal habe ich einbeziehen können, und zwar an der künstlerisch richtigen Stelle, zwischen Holland und Schweden. Dann aber habe ich einige Kapitel verbessert. Im Falle Englands habe ich die jüngste Literatur mitberücksichtigt, Frankreich berichtigt und präzisiert, Spanien wesentlich ergänzt, in den meisten übrigen Kapiteln einiges abgeändert. So kommt diese Auflage dem Endausdruck des Spektrums, wie er mir vorschwebt, schon recht nahe.

Habe ich auch die Schärfen ausgemerzt, die so viele Gegenbewegungen auslösten? Selbstverständlich habe ich das nicht getan. Die wesentliche Absicht dieses Buches ist nicht, darzustellen was ist, sondern besserer Zukunft den Weg zu bereiten; dies aber gelingt bei so wesentlich trägen Massen, wie es die Völker sind, nicht ohne Herausforderung. Freilich liegt mir daran, daß, was ich sage, richtig sei, und insofern enthält diese Auflage auch manche Korrektur. Allein die Richtigkeit, an der mir letztlich liegt, ist nicht die einer Statusaufnahme, sondern der exakten Herausarbeitung der Kräfte und Motive, die für die schöpferische Fortentwicklung in Frage kommen, und dies zwar nicht zur Belehrung beschaulicher Leser, sondern auf daß besagte Kräfte und Motive im Leben wirksamer würden, als sie bisher waren. Deshalb besteht kein Widerspruch zwischen unbefangen verstehender Tatsachenschau und bestimmtem Werturteil. Deshalb mußte mir gerade am Hervorrufen möglichst starker Gegenbewegungen liegen. In einigen Ländern, an erster Stelle der Schweiz, ist nun zwar die beabsichtigte Reaktion schon jetzt in solcher Tiefe und Stärke erfolgt, daß eine Fortreizung vielen überflüssig erscheinen mag. Aber das Buch soll so bleiben, wie es ursprünglich war. So viel Pietät bin ich meiner Vergangenheit immerhin schuldig.

Im übrigen verbieten sich wesentliche Änderungen aus künstlerischen Erwägungen. Was manche als Verzeichnung beanstandet haben, ist in Wahrheit das besondere Ergebnis meines besonderen Gesichtspunkts. Ich schaue vom Ganzen Europas her auf die Komponenten hin: natürlich tritt da nicht alles, sondern nur einiges hervor, und dazu in besonderer Perspektive. Soviel könnte, ins Räumliche transponiert, schon von einer Photographie gelten. Aber ich bin nicht Photograph, sondern Maler, woraus sich überdies persönlich bedingte Besonderheiten ergeben. Endlich ist das Spektrum als ein lebendiges Wesen aus einem besonderen Zustand heraus geboren worden. Änderte ich selbst im Sinn idealer Verbesserung, ich bedrohte sein besonderes Leben. Und es gibt nur besondere Leben.

Darmstadt, im Mai 1931

Graf Hermann Keyserling - PDF


Monday 3 February 2020

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Letters Part One

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Letters Part One.jpg

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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Letters Part One

A collection of letters received by Carlos W. Porter, with his replies. - Letter from Catherine Colohen. Note on the Difference between Fascists and National Socialists. Half-Jewish Pro-Lifer Demands Retraction and Apology. From Tony Cavanaugh, Ex-British “Intelligence”. Gerard M. on Soviet Atrocities. From a Japanese-American (On the Chinese, Koreans and Hara-Kiri). From a Former U.S. Intelligence Officer on Irma Grese.

A collection of letters received by Carlos W. Porter, with his replies. A few excerpts :


Catherine Colohen: Laughably, you think that pointing out the incredible methods of murder alleged at Nuremberg somehow makes them untenable.

Carlos W. Porter: Makes what untenable? Do you really believe that the "steam chambers", "electrical chambers", "vacuum chambers", and the other obvious lies, most of them of Soviet origin, do not rather tend to discredit the Nuremberg evidence and judgment, even just a little bit ?

Colohen: Unfortunately, this is precisely why the Holocaust will continue to live on in human memory.

Porter: No doubt, because Jews will produce thousands of books, comic books, movies, and television shows about their "suffering", often in admitted works of fiction. You can turn on the television any hour of the day or night in any country on the face of the earth, and there will always be at least one show about "poor persecuted Jews" and their endless "suffering" and "sensitivity". Don't you think this has gone far enough ?


Colohen: Perhaps you... see no moral responsibility on the part of people such as yourself,...

Porter: I do not control the American news media, advertising, and entertainment; I do not control video pornography and violent video games; I do not make hundreds of billions of dollars by force-feeding the American public with unmitigated, endless filth, most of it of Jewish origin.

Colohen: ...but then you are the one who seeks to defend and exonerate the disgusting and barbaric actions of the Third Reich.

Porter: How about the disgusting and barbaric actions of Israel why we are at it ?

Colohen: Attempting to mock these facts is not to make them suddenly untrue.

Porter: What do YOU think of the "steam chambers"? Note that the technical installations were described in great detail; it was not a "rumor" that Jews were being steamed to death, it was a deliberate LIE.


Colohen: I would suggest that not only are you an extremely poor historian, you are also a rather sick and flawed human being.

Porter: As one sick and flawed human being to another, I am glad to meet you; by the way, is Colohen a Jewish name, or am I mistaken? To what do I owe this great honor?
Colohen: I would advise you to look deep within yourself to discover why you seek to deny these events.

Porter: The answer is very simple. It is called a love of truth - combined with anger at the destruction of my race, nation, civilization, culture, history, and my children's future, not to mention sheer disgust at the exclusive and obsessive focus upon Jewish "suffering", real or imagined.


Colohen: However, if you will persist in continuing to trumpet abroad these grave lies,...

Porter: The website consists mostly of graphics: are you saying I fabricated the pages I reproduced from the Nuremberg Trial transcript? Please be specific.

Colohen: ...I would be interested to see this letter and your response to it on your web site in the near future - you deluded Fascist.

Porter: This is the third time you have called me a Fascist, a word used almost exclusively by Marxists. Does that make you a Communist? A pinko? How about "Communist sympathizer"? Name calling is a game two can play, and it is a game that Jews are notoriously good at. In any case, the National Socialists were not Fascists. If you like, I will write an article on Fascism to help you perceive the differences. One thing the Fascists and National Socialists had in common was a love of country; a love of tradition, religion, and the family; a desire for social reform, and opposition to Marxism.

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Requiem for Rhodesia
Carlos Whitlock Porter - Satires

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Sunday 2 February 2020

Claude Nancy - La procedencias del SIDA, del terrorismo moderno y de las democracias

Claude Nancy - La procedencias del SIDA.jpg

Claude Nancy DOYTO - La procedencias del SIDA, del terrorismo moderno y de las democracias

Los Gringos asesinos ; la origen del SIDA
La gran conspiracion del « Terrorismo »
Como es la démocracia y su procedencia


Algunos militares y algunos sabios investigadores son muy bien conscientes de la nocividad de las actividades, cuyas actuan bajo los ordenes de la MAFIA MONDIALISTA. Este mafia se compone de una fraternidad de banqueros sin vergüenza, de lobbyistas, de gobernantes de trusts y de rabinos de alto grado. Pero la palabra « al servicio » conviene mejor aqui que « a los ordenes », pues algunos de esos militares y de esos sabios investigadores y majaderos quedan inconscientes del trabajo nocivo que desempeňen ; por lo menos podemos aun creerlo asi !
Algunos de esos inconscientes estan firmemente convencidos de actuar por el bien de su nacion, de la democracia y tambien de la humanidad. Adoctrinados desde su juventud por una enseňanza de mentiras y por los « medias », nunca pueden comprender, como lo decia siempre « Jean Jaures », el fundador del periodico « L’Humanité », que : « Cualquiera que hable de humanidad, y no de pueblos y poblaciones, busca siempre a engaňar ». Tampoco comprenden que la democracia, que se les aparece a ellos como el mejor sistema politico, bajo el engaňoso pretexto que regularmente se puede cambiar su mando mediante elecciones nuevas ; que esa democracia es una trampa.
« Elections piege à cons » aullaba siempre Jean-Paul Sartre. Y este, falso filosofo, sabia de que hablaba, pues su origen racial le habia puesto al corriente de la actividad mundialista y de la grande conspiracion de sus hermanos.
En cuanto a los diligentes y bien conscientes servidores del PULPO MONDIALISTA, se reclutan generalmente 1) entre los hermanos masones de alto grado, 2) a veces entre el alto clero cristiano y la nobleza degenerada e hibrida, fuertemente mezclada de sangre judio por casamientos con los descendientes de los banqueros sin patria. A cambio de sus hijos o hijas, esos les dan el dinero necesario por sus suntuosas intemperancias, y 3) Tambien entre la gente judia, esta principal beneficiara de la actividad mafiosa mundialista.

Claude Nancy DOYTO - PDF

Claude Nancy DOYTO - Les races humaines Tome 1
Claude Nancy DOYTO - Les races humaines Tome 2
Claude Nancy DOYTO - Hitler contre Juda

Saturday 1 February 2020

Carlos Whitlock Porter - НЕВИННИ В НЮРНБЕРГ

Not Guilty at Nuremberg - Bulgarian.jpg

Carlos Whitlock Porter - НЕВИННИ В НЮРНБЕРГ
Not Guilty at Nuremberg - Bulgarian
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НЕВИННИ В НЮРНБЕРГ : Германската защита по делото. Карлос Портър. Translation from Russian. © 2017 by Carlos Whitlock Porter.

Carlos Whitlock Porter was born in 1947 in California in a family of Navy officers and lawyers. C.W. Porter studied in Europe, and is a professional translator and member of the Institute of Linguists. Since 1976, he has studied the Holocaust and war crimes trials with detailed patience and precision, including the related questions of law, toxicology and chemistry. Concerning the International Military Tribunal trial records, C.W. Porter's work exposes these kangaroo courts to have been absurd and hideous miscarriages of justice. The Nuremberg Trial records would be hysterically funny if they were not responsible for over fifty years of suffering and injustice. His main works are "Made in Russia: The Holocaust" and "Not Guilty at Nuremberg".

Porter Carlos Whitlock - PDF

Não culpados em Nuremberg
Non colpevole a Norimberga
Non coupable au procès de Nuremberg
No culpable en el proceso de Nuremberg

Made in Russia : The Holocaust
Letters Part One

Porter Carlos Whitlock - Not Guilty at Nuremberg - Bulgarian.jpg