Major Osman-Bey - The Conquest of the World by the Jews

Major Osman-Bey - The Conquest of the World by the jews
An historical and ethnical essay

Written before the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion by Major Osman Bey, this essay constitutes yet another proof that there were men before the 20th century who knew about the jews and their secret satanic agenda for getting control of other peoples by indirect means.

There has been nothing written on this subject during the past 200 years to compare with what you are about to read. In fact, we of WESTERN FRONT doubt that anything ever written can compare with the contents contained herein because this is the only work which has revealed the result from the application of the principle of material interests. The author says : "The Jewish people have, in all probability , been the first ones to discover that secret power - the principle of material interests."
Every non-Jew must read this book from cover-to-cover because only then will the non-Jew discover how 'The Principle of Material Interests' enslaves the people by financial oppression.
It illustrates that Jewish solidarity is so great, that, if you attack one Jew in any particular place, all the Jews of the five continents arise as one man.
Original copies of this book entered in the Library of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the New York, Chicago and other large city libraries have been removed and never returned. The reason is obvious !
We, of WESTERN FRONT are determined to break the stranglehold the Jews have on the masses because the people of the world cannot survive with such parasites in its society. We declare : 'As Christians united we will be victorious!'

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Origin of the jews
Characteristics of the jews
The principle of material interests
The period of Abraham
The period of Isaac
The egyptian period
The mosaic period
Reaction of the jewish idea
The Roman period
A christian prejudice
The period of the middle ages
Jewish corruption
Jewish progress diring the middle ages
Jews will always be jews
The jews in modern times
Financial conquests
The Rothschild dynasty
Social conquests
Political conquests
The jewish press
The "universal israelite association"
Concluding remarks

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