Afonso Castelo - Is general Spinola the Kerensky of Portugal



Afonso Castelo - Is general Spinola the Kerensky of Portugal
Underground facts of the portugueuse revolution
The jewish hidden hand

1974 - Library of political secrets

I want to thank the publisher of "Political Secrets" for having taken the decision of publishing in that collection the present report which will be given to his readers in order to inform them the truth about what happened in my unfortunate country.

I also thanked the brave magazine which published it originally at its proper time.

The rest of the newspapers-with only a few exceptions-continuously publish lies, hiding the truth about what is happening in the world, because the international news agencies are either owned by Jews or are infiltrated by Jews and, in addition because the great majority of important newspapers, radio and television are, also of the property of Jews and it is common and of notorious knowledge that they make propaganda in favor of the communist dictatorships and of the red subversive movements, while at the same time they heap lies and calumnies upon the patriotic anti-communist governments in order to discredit them on a world-wide scale, which shows us once more that socialism or marxist communism continues to be a "par excellence" Jewish enterprise, fully supported by world judaism, whereas zionism and the State of Israel, although they have the strong support of powerful sectors of international judaism, have to reckon with many enemies among western Jewish leaders and mainly among jewish leaders of the Soviet Union and other communist States for reasons I have already mentioned.

Lisbon - August - 1974.

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