Itsvan Bakony - What is judaism ?



Itsvan Bakony - What is judaism ?

1969 - Library of political secrets

Racist religion

What is Judaism ? How is Judaism organized ? These two questions have been asked by many scholars, none of whom have been able to answer either question satisfactorily, for the simple reason that the Hebrew people have surrounded all matters relating to their internal organization with great secrecy.

Jews practice a complete racial discrimination against the peoples that have sheltered them, preventing them from entering their private organizations.

As soon as they arrive in a nation, they feel they have the right to get involved in all institutions and organizations of the people that sheltered them; and if someone attempts to prevent this, they loudly protest against racial discrimination. But as foreigners who demand and receive hospitality, they discriminate the natives in their own lands, thinking they have the right to impede the entrance of their hosts into their own Jewish communities, private clubs and synagogues.

The worst thing is that the host States tolerate this shameful situation, a fact which reveals the level of domination the Jews have achieved in many nations of the world.

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