Matthew Hale - Ending white slavery


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Matthew Hale - Ending white slavery

“Whites Minds are in Chains.” Self-imposed. Amelioration for misplaced guilt based on a false belief that Whites enslaved Blacks ; based on gross misperceptions of civil rights, discrimination, diversity, equal rights, fairness, racial hate, minorities, multiracial community, the concept of nation, privilege, racism. Ending White Slavery explains, exposes, and removes these shackles of White Slavery by invalidating the basic assumption of that enslavement: that Blacks are entitled to special consideration from Whites whose ancestors kidnapped them out of Africa, and transported them worlds away from their roots into slavery ; revealing the slave trade as instigated and perpetuated by tribes of Africa against each other for their benefit and purpose ; revealing that slave traders and owners were a miniscule percent of White population even in its time ; revealing that mostly, the ancestors of today’s Whites had nothing to do with slavery and their ancestors were disadvantaged by slavery in lost employment and opportunity.
Ending White Slavery demonstrates that atonement for slavery by today’s Whites is misguided, and detrimental to them and to Blacks as well. As for racial discrimination, is it not palpable in affirmative action, BET, the NAACP, the Miss Black America Pageant exclusivity to Blacks ? Not so, the United Negro College Fund because its “member colleges and universities admit students without reference to race or ethnicity. UNCF's largest scholarship program, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, supports Hispanic American, Asian/Pacific American and Native American students as well as African Americans,” but not Whites ? Is there any affirmative action for Whites, a WET, a NAAWP, an exclusively Miss White America Pageant, a United Caucasian College Fund, any White college, a White History Month ? Ending White Slavery exhorts all races to adhere to their culture, to be loyal to their race by eschewing integration and its consequent, inevitable mongrelization. For Whites this means preserving their recessive fair skin, blue or green eyes and blond, brown or red hair against being subsumed by genetically dominant black skin, brown eyes and black hair; revering and advancing their cultural heritage exemplified by Beethoven, Mozart, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Shakespeare and their progeny instead of bongo drums, parodies of poetry punctuated by profanity, crotch grabbing, and thumping cacophony. That is the goal, but after recognition and exhortation, what ?
The Racial State, exemplified by China, Japan other Asian States for Yellows, African States for Blacks, but no longer the United States for Whites. Israel is template for current creation of the Racial State, and its need, to preserve and secure White culture, White genes, and White lives in a world in which Whites are the minority, a world which has not a single State that Whites may call their own, where their best interests are represented exclusively. Ending White Slavery does not merely describe a Utopia and leave it there. It describes potentials for accomplishing the Racial State over time. A must read for everyone, not just Whites, who would look beyond the perverse immediacy of a mongrelizing false diversity of integration to a true diversity of racial separateness to preserve all races in all their natural genetic and cultural diversity.

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