Scott Alan Roberts - The rise and fall of the Nephilim



Scott Alan Roberts - The rise and fall of the Nephilim

The ancient books of Genesis and Enoch tell us that sprit beings known as the Watchers descended to the Earth, had sex with women, and begat a hybrid race of offspring known as the Nephilim.

Such tales are as old as humanity itself. These histories and accounts of visitations and subsequent mixed-blood, alien-human races comprise the bulk of the world's myths, legends, religions, and superstitions.

The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim examines :
Elohim and the Bene Ha Elohim--God and the Sons of God
The Watchers: UFOs, extraterrestrials, angels, infiltrators, and impregnators
Biblical and apocryphal sources from Enoch to Moses
The role of the Fae, Elves, Elementals, and ancient gods

What if the old spiritualities and religions weren't just legends ?

What if there was something living and breathing beneath the surface, a tangible interlinking of religious thought and spirituality, science and myth, inter-dimensionality and cold, hard fact ?

The Nephilim walked among us... and still do today.

Scott Alan Roberts - The secret history of the reptilians
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