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Jean Patrice - Communism unmasked


Jean Patrice - Communism unmasked

Table of contents
What's Wrong Today ?
Communism a High Finance Anti-British Plot
Hypocrisy of Communism
Lest we Are Misunderstood
World Full of Wealth
Money Is an Order on Goods
Banks Manufacture Money
Fearful Power of the Bankers
Depression Caused by Bankers
Russia Smashed Up By International Finance
Revolution in Russia
Jews in Other Revolutions
Communistic Officials in Russia
Jews Still Dominate Russia
Communism in Russia a Huge Failure
Communism Outside of Russia
U.N.O. Is a Communistic Organization
Political and Economic Planning (P.E.P.) is Communistic
Federal Union is Communistic
International Currency Plan is Communistic
Communistic Professors of Economics
Hitler and the Jews
Six Million Jews Gassed. - What a Joke !
Fascism is to be Condemned
Persecution of Religion in Russia
These Schools for Communism
The So-Called New Morality
This Idea of Work at Any Cost
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
The Folly of Dialogue with Communists
Appendix I Stalin the Terrible
Appendix II Jews and Vatican II
Appendix III Communism and Strikes

Preface to the Fifth Edition

With the exception of some chapters, viz., the Jewishness of U.N.O., the alleged slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews, the trial of Cardinal Mindszenty, the betrayal at Pearl Harbour, lists of other Jewishinspired Revolutions, and lists of unsuspected but still Communistic movements in our midst, and a few events of obviously quite recent happening - with these exceptions, this book first appeared in 1943 under a different title and different anonymous authorship.
The work went into many editions, each of thousands of copies, an incontestable proof of its intrinsic worth. It is now being republished after a lapse of some years. We have been strongly advised to keep the different original Prefaces. Some parts of the book could be out of date, but they could serve to show trends. Hence they are not omitted. If, for a moment, the grandiose Red plan is scoffed at as being fantastic, consider that one-fourth of the land surface of the world and one-third of the peoples of the earth are now controlled by the world-wide Communistic bloc.
The book is now being brought out again with the firm conviction of its paramount necessity. In his delightful little book - "Know Your Enemy" - Robert H. Williams goes behind the scenes and exposes some of the Jewish mischiefmakers of the present era.
In our book we are endeavouring to unmask Communism and point out who are the sinister forces working in the dark and leading the unsuspecting masses up the garden path. For the same diabolical forces are at work today as at the time of the original writing of this book. Lord Acton, speaking of the French Revolution, said: "The appalling thing in it is not the tumult but the design. Through all the fire and smoke, we perceive evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed, but there is no doubt about their presence from the first."
So then, no one can justly say that this edition of our book is out of date.
The book contains lists of names. These lists prove beyond doubt that Communism is a Jewish movement.
The lists should further help readers to see the falsity of Jewish assertions that the Jews are an innocent but much persecuted race and that it is high time that Christians stopped maligning them. It would be much nearer the mark of sincerity if Jewish leaders stopped persecuting the Christians.
Though Communism is controlled by Jews, it must not be thought that every Jew is a Communist. It is quite possible that many Jews do not really know who are running the movement and what are its ultimate aims. What is more remarkable still, high up Communistic Jewry would not hesitate to get slaughtered in pogroms or in wars their lesser Jewish brethren if they considered it a help to the gaining of Jewish world control after these latter have done their dirty work. How many people realize that when Hitler turned on the Jews and scattered them, he was only walking into a Jewish trap by which he helped the Jews to gain positions left vacant by our own soldiers who went to the front ?
Enthusiastic anti-communists must not fall into the fatal blunder of physically persecuting the Jews. The Communistic Jews would make capital out of it.
What is more, it is an old dodge for the Jews to paint swastikas overnight around the suburbs and then, next day, to call the attention of all and sundry to "Nazi Persecution". And what is almost unbelievable, Jews have been known to let in pigs by night into their synagogues with the sole purpose of creating sympathy, and then the propaganda machine tells the whole world of the happening.
Some readers may greet this book with cries of "Anti-Semitism". Now, the word "Semite" is too wide and too loose. The Arabs are Semites, and the Jews are persecuting them. So then, these persecuting Jews are Anti-Semitic.
In his wonderful book - "Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement" - Father E. Cahill, S.J., referring to the Catholic Church's condemnation of "The Friends of Israel" says (page 76) : "The Church desires sincerely the conversion of the Jews to the true faith. But she cannot compromise with them any more than she can with the Modernist or even with the socalled "Anglo-Catholics". Hence, in the present decree, the Holy See takes prudent measures against the Jewish infiltrations into the Church which were being attempted through the medium of the condemned association and pamphlet. On the other hand, she also reprobates anti-Germanism or any other similar anti-ism that would imply 'racial or national hatred'. But to follow the direction of Leo XIII and 'tear away the mask from Freemasonry and let it be seen as it really is', is not anti-Semitism even where the Freemasons in question are Jews."
Here is something further: If a German or a Japanese or a Frenchman or an Italian or Englishman or Irishman - if anyone of these does anything evil, the masses do not hesitate to condemn them, and no fairminded person will find fault with such condemnation.
But when Jewish criminals are shown up in their true colour, at once the Jewish hands are held up in horror with accusations of " anti-Semitism" !
Of course, it is all Jewish bluff, and the Jewish malefactors secretly laugh at the gullibility or, better still, the cowardice of the Christians who take any notice of them.
Are we Christians expected to remain silent and allow the Jews to ride rough-shod over us in our legitimate rights and to continue triumphantly on their road to ultimate world-control ?
And here is something worthy of further consideration.
Israel is the national home of Jews. Jews living away from Israel claim their local domicile as their national home. So it would seem that a Jew is attached to more than one national home. That should not surprise us because Jews will readily sing - "Britannia Rules the Waves"... "The Star-Spangled Banner"... "The Marseillaise"... just as it suits them. They back every horse in the race.
Seeing that the world's press is controlled by Jews, what hope has the average citizen of getting any idea of what is going on behind the Communistic scenes ?
Some years ago I read an eight page brochure entitled - "Jewish Press Control". It dealt exclusively with the London papers. It gave you publication after publication which were all controlled by Jews. Most world news filters through the two great European news agencies - Britain. The Havas Agency was started by Charles Havas, a Portuguese Jew. Beer, another Jew, changed his name to Reuter and built up the vast British Empire Service. Hence, newspaper readers look at the world very largely through Jewish spectacles.
People in general do not realise that the efforts of American soldiers in Vietnam are being curtailed by orders of the Communistic enemy in the high places of the U.S.A. government.
In his recent book - "The Death of a Nation" the renowned writer, John Stormer, asks (on page 56) the pertinent question: "Why do American leaders fight Communism with one hand while aiding it with the other ?"
And on page 4 of the cover, Stormer asks some more questions which are food for thought. He asks :
"Why are tax dollars used to pay the agitators and extremists who start city riots ?"
"Why does the White House increase American trade with the Soviet Union while Soviet MIG's and missiles kill American boys in Vietnam ?"
"Why were communist pirates allowed to seize an American ship and crew with no retaliation ?"
"Why did the Supreme Court open America's public schools to Communist teachers while banning prayer and Bible reading ?" I stoutly maintain that the average man calling himself a Communist is no more a Communist than I am. He is only in search of a fair share of the good things of this life to which he is justly entitled. Many a Communist thinks that the triumph of Communism would bring an interminable period of plenty, peace and prosperity and a universal comradeship. They genuinely believe that all racial and class differences would disappear and mankind would be led to a Utopia.

The Jew, Benjamin Disraeli, in his famous book, "Coningsby", makes one of its characters say: "So you see, dear Coningsby, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." In her book : "The Surrender of an Empire", Mrs.
Nesta Webster, speaking of Communistic activities in Egypt, says (page 343) :
"When at the trial of the Communists in 1926, it became evident that they were principally members of the Chosen Race, that is to say, of the race habitually chosen by the Bolsheviks for the Propagation of their doctrines abroad, Moscow decided to change the nationality of its emissaries, and in 1927 Italians and Greeks were sent to replace the deported Hebrews."

Winston Churchill wrote in "Great Contemporaries" in 1937 :

"Communism is not only a creed, it is a plan of campaign. A Communist is not only the holder of certain opinions, he is the pledged adept of a well thought-out means of enforcing them. The anatomy of discontent and revolution has been studied in every phase and aspect, and a veritable drill book prepared in a scientific spirit for subverting all existing institutions.
"No faith need be, indeed may be, kept with non-Communists. Every act of goodwill, of tolerance, of conciliation, of mercy, of magnanimity on the part of Governments or Statesmen is to be utilised for their ruin. Then, when the time is ripe and the moment opportune, every form of lethal violence, from revolt to private assassination, must be used without stint or compunction. The citadel will be stormed under the banners of Liberty and Democracy; and once the apparatus of power is in the hands of the Brotherhood, all opposition, all contrary opinion, must be extinguished by death. Democracy is but a tool to be used and afterwards broken."
When the billiard ball stopped rolling, it looked round! In the light of warnings from Winston Churchill and Mrs. Nesta Webster it would be well for world citizens to look round and see the danger of Communistic propaganda.

People do not want wars. They want peace. Yet, those who, left alone would be the best of friends in ordinary civic life, are given different uniforms and are handed a gun and then sent out to shoot one another.
A fights B for the benefit of C, and C is the big financier.
Poland was betrayed to the Soviet (1939-1945).
The whole of Eastern Europe and North Korea and Manchuria were betrayed to the Soviet (1945). Our wartime ally, Chiang-Kai-Shek, was betrayed to the Chinese Communists. Mysterious orders were given which caused millions and millions of dollars worth of arms and ammunition to be dumped into the Indian Ocean when they should have gone to Chiang-Kaishek.
We hear of the bungling of foreign affairs, but things do not just happen that way. They are arranged.
The Hungarian Freedom Fighters were betrayed by their being denied prompt all-important recognition of the new Hungarian Government. Franco had offered to send arms provided that Adenauer would allow Franco's planes to land on West German soil for refuelling. Adenauer agreed. With unwonted haste the Communist-controlled American State Government prevented this arrangement from being carried out.

The Jewish powers helped Castro to oust anti-Communist Batista in Cuba, and this under the pretext that Castro was a democrat and Batista a dictator.
Later on, the Jewish-controlled U.S.A. Government promised air cover for the anti-Castro Cubans in their intended landing on Cuba in the Bay of Pigs. But all unknown to the anti-Castro Cubans it was withheld with the result that the patriots ran into a deadly trap with Castro's Army awaiting them.
In our book we make reference to the most astounding documents ever published - "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". Although we make reference to them, we do not use them as a definite proof of anything. They were certainly in existence over 60 years ago.
Their origin is seemingly unknown, but they outline a plan for world control by money manipulation, by the corruption of governments, by the control of the press, the undermining of religion and the corruption of morals, the sowing of discord between nations, classes and individuals. By this means the manipulators try to paralyze any plan that might stand in the way of their fulfilment.
The entire plan is so colossal that at first the mind refuses to credit it. Nevertheless, the plan is being fulfilled.
The Jews have put forward various theories as to the origin of the Protocols. At the same time the statement made in Henry Ford's paper, the "Dearborn Independent" of July 10th, 1920, still holds good. "The Jewish defenders leave the text of the Protocols alone while they lay heavy emphasis on the fact of anonymity."
We hear a lot about the Berne trial. As a result of the rapidly growing fame of the Protocols, numerous attempts were made to discredit them as a forgery.
But it was not until 1933 that the Jews resorted to legal action. On June 26th, 1933, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Switzerland and the Berne Jewish Community brought an action against five members of the Swiss National Front. The procedure of the Court was astounding. Sixteen witnesses called by the plaintiffs were heard but only one of the 40 witnesses called by the defendants was allowed a hearing. In view of these and similar irregularities, it was not surprising that the Court pronounced the Protocols to be a forgery and demoralising literature. But on the 1st November, 1937, the Swiss Court of Criminal Appeal quashed this judgement in its entirety. Yet in spite of this, the Jewish propagandists still declare that the Protocols have been "proved" to be a forgery.
Later on, I give a special chapter on the United Nations Organization (U.N.O.). In the meantime let me quote from Protocol 6: Here is what it says: "In every possible way we must develop the significance of our super-government by representing it as the protector and Benefactor of all those who voluntarily submit to us."
That is exactly the way in which the United Nations Organization is represented to those who voluntarily submit to it. It is exactly the way in which the various United Nations special agencies are represented.
It is obvious to every one that the nations of the East are being herded into subjection under the dominance of the Soviet Union. But what of the nations of the West ? Are they really the "Free Nations" which they are popularly supposed to be? Far from it! They are being herded into the same sort of pen as other nations of the East under Communism, and often on the pretext that this is the only way in which they can save themselves from Communism. What diabolical trickery !

Under Communism National Parliaments must give way to such bodies as the Council of Europe or the Atlantic Council. National forces must be so submerged that no nation has control over its own means of defence. National economies must be so submerged that no one nation has control over its own economic destiny.

The "Revue des Etudes Juives", financed by James de Rothschild, published in 1880 two documents, which showed how true the Protocols are in saying that the Learned Elders of Zion have been carrying on their plans for centuries. On January 13th, 1489, Chemor, Jewish Rabbi of Arles in Provence (France), wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat at Constantinople, for advice, as the people of Arles were threatening the synagogues. What should the Jews do? This was the reply - Dear beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.

The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following :

1. As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts.
2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods: (the law was that on becoming converted Jews gave up their possessions) make your sons merchants that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.
3. As for what you say about their making attempts on their lives: make your sons apothecaries that they may take away Christians' lives.
4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.
5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons be advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of State, in order that, by putting Christians under your yoke, you may DOMINATE THE WORLD and be avenged on them.
6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.

People hear of the London School of Economics. It is a Communistic set-up financed by the Jew, Sir Ernest Cassell (grandfather of Lady Mountbatten, the influential wife of Louis Mountbatten). It was founded specially to train the rulers of the future Socialist States. In plain English, it was to be a breeding ground for Communism. Public Health officers eliminate breeding grounds for physical disease, but what of the breeding ground for this much more dangerous malady, Communism ?

How many realize that U.N.N.R.A. was a Jewish organization ? The head was the Jew, Leymann, who was followed by another Jew, La Guardia. The "French" representative in U.N.N.R.A. was the Jew, Alphand. A Jew, A . J . Rosenman, was the deputy chief of the Balkan U.N.N.R.A. mission in 1945.
The Chinese section of U.N.N.R.A. was also under a Jew. The Jew, Morris Hillquit (real name Misca Hilkowicz) pointed out in his book, "Socialism Summed Up" (1913) that by high taxes, shorter hours, a shorter week and freedom to strike, owners of businesses could be reduced to the point of being glad to have them taken over by the State.
And then there is the EUROPEAN COMMON MARKET. Let me just briefly touch upon it. It is a threat to the British heritage. The insidious thing about the Treaty of Rome is that on the surface it appears fairly harmless, but if the British Government joins the Common Market, it will be the first step towards the destruction of the British Sovereignty and the breakup of the British Commonwealth. The Treaty of Rome ultimately proposes a highly political and economic structure run by bureaucrats with the loss of genuine sovereignty of the member nations. Any nation coming in to the Common Market is accepting a farreaching political commitment. The sovereign Parliament of Britain would no longer be sovereign. The High Court of Parliament would cease to be the highest tribunal in the land for governing the British people. To oppose the Communists is to run the risk of a smear campaign or torture or death.
Let me just touch upon the smear campaign against that American Patriot, Joseph McCarthy. His opposition to Communism resulted in a fearful example of character assassination. The term "McCarthyism" was coined by the Communists and has been used as a powerful political smear word. Even many sincere anticommunists were led to look upon McCarthy as an extremist, a witch hunter, a destroyer of the character of innocent people.
And then there is the case of Whittaker Chambers who exposed the infamous Communist, Alger Hiss. The Communists have presented him to the public as being mentally deranged.
Student uprisings all over the world and in every country are coordinated by international intrigue. Demonstrations on University Campuses are not spontaneous. They fulfil a uniform pattern whether the community involved is New York or Paris or Tokyo or the Argentine, and critics of free love are ridiculed as belonging to the past.
Karl Marx is credited with having said that a revolution in England would come only from foreigners. So then, only the wilfully blind will fail to see a long range plot in this Black influx into England.
Here is an item which may be news to some readers :

We hear of the "British" doing this or the "French" doing that or of the "Germans" or "Americans" doing something else, whereas in most cases the nations are simply carrying out the instructions of the powerful Jews in their respective countries. England wants to interview France, and she does it through a Jew.
United States want to discuss some business of importance with Germany, and it is done through a Jew.
And when we hear that, e.g., "Poland", has voted for a certain measure, do not forget that the vote comes from the Communistic Jew who is controlling Poland.
If today Russia is such a wonderful country, why are tourists so carefully watched and what are the Russians hiding from them? Successful businessmen make a display of the fruits of their genius.
The American Pacific Fleet was designedly exposed like a barrelful of sitting ducks. Before the Pearl Harbour tragedy with its loss of 18 ships including 4 great American warships and over 4,000 American lives, the anti-war sentiment was prominent in the United States. In plain English, the American people did not want war; above all, war with the Japanese.
So the Communist controlled Roosevelt hit upon a Machiavellian plan, namely, Japan was provoked into attacking Pearl Harbour.
It was well known in official circles that the Japanese fleet was well on the way. The American Secret Service officials had tapped the Japanese code. Roosevelt expected the attack. Roosevelt wanted it. Roosevelt precipitated it. But the secret information was designedly withheld from the American High Command at Pearl Harbour, namely, Admiral Kimmel and General Short.
The "attack" brought U.S.A. into a war that they did not want. It produced that hysteria necessary for war. The guiltless Kimmel and Short were made public scapegoats. The investigation was a fake. The entire report given to the American people concerning Pearl Harbour was a piece of falsehood and fakery that staggers the imagination. Kimmel and Short "took the knock".
In his foreword to "The Final Secret of Pearl Harbour", Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey states :
"I have always considered Admiral Kimmel and General Short to be splendid officers who were thrown to the wolves as scapegoats for something over which they had no control. They are our outstanding military martyrs".
Lest anyone would say that we are very biased in our condemnation of Jewish malefactors let me here give some quotations from Jews themselves.
"The American Hebrew" leading Jewish newspaper in U.S.A. wrote, September 10th, 1920: "The Bolshevist Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish satisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world.
What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces become a reality all over the world."
Let me now quote from the "New York Journal American" February 3rd, 1949, page 16.

"Today it is estimated by Jacob's (Jacob H. Schiff, the long-time head of the firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Company) grandson, John Schiff, a prominent member of New York Society, that the old man sank about $20,000,000 for the final triumph of Bolshevism in Russia. Other New York banking houses also contributed." Let me give an extract from a letter by the wellknown Jewish author, Dr. Oscar Levy (Royal Societies Club, St. James' Street, London, S.W.1) sent to Captain George Pitt-Rivers of Worcester College, Oxford, which letter was published in full in the preface to the latter's book: "The World Significance of the Russian Revolution". (Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1920).
"... I confess it to you, openly and sincerely, ... who have posed as the saviours of the world, we who have even boasted of having given it the saviour, we are today nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its executioners... We who have promised to lead you to a new Heaven, WE HAVE FINALLY SUCCEEDED IN LANDING YOU INTO A NEW HELL..."

Let me quote the prominent Jewish author, Marcus Eli Ravage, in an article, "A Real Case against the Jews", in the "Century Magazine" of New York, Jan. 1928.

"... You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers.
We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. WE HAVE BEEN AT THE BOTTOM NOT MERELY OF THE LATEST GREAT WAR BUT OF NEARLY ALL YOUR WARS NOT ONLY OF THE RUSSIAN BUT OF EVERY OTHER MAJOR REVOLUTION IN YOUR HISTORY. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it..."
How many stop to reflect that the trouble in U.S.A. between the white and the coloured races is a Jewish Communistic plan, neither for the good of the white man nor the coloured man. Under pretence of helping the negroes in U.S.A. to achieve "liberty, equality and fraternity", the Communists have been carrying out a vicious programme leading to riot, bitterness and disruption of all normal life. They have induced amongst the negroes a persecution complex, a warped belief that the white man's government is responsible for everything.

That educated, courageous, cultured negro, Manning Johnson, tells the full story in his book entitled - "Colour, Communism and Common Sense". He had felt himself frustrated by his race and colour and he fell under the spell of Communistic propaganda. For 10 years Manning Johnson had laboured in the cause of Communism; he was a "dedicated comrade".
He zealously used all his talents to bring about the triumph of Communism in America and throughout the world: for he felt that the triumph of Communism would bring about a never-ending period of peace, prosperity and universal brotherhood. But after 10 years he woke up to this massive, cruel deception. He saw Communism in all its naked cruelty and ruthlessness; in the low value it placed upon life; in its total disrespect for the dignity of man. He saw sex and perversion used as a means for political blackmail.
He saw that the Reds had never contributed anything tangible to the progress of the negroes but that they had collected millions of dollars as a result of race incitement.
Manning Johnson was prepared to spend the rest of his life waking up his fellow Americans to the truth. Unfortunately before his plans got really well on the way, he met with a fatal accident.
With regard to the versatility of financiers, it were well to note: During World War No. 1, Max Warburg was financial adviser to Germany, whilst his brother Paul was financial adviser to U.S.A., and they held these positions at the Peace Conference. Take Otto H. Kahn of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. He was born at Mannheim in Germany in 1867. He became a naturalised American Citizen, and, later on, a naturalised British subject. He gave his London residence, "St. Dunstan's Lodge", as a hospital for British soldiers who were blinded during World War 1, that is, for soldiers blinded fighting against the land of his birth.
At the present time in the Press and elsewhere we see a lot of talk about conscience and its use. Briefly, conscience is a courier bringing a message from God, the King of kings, to each individual telling him what he should do and what he must not do. Obviously, it is necessary to see if the messenger is reliable. No wise person would accept at once a message without seeing the credentials of the messenger. So then to say that conscience is always a safe guide is not accurate.
Now, here is something of considerable interest to those clergymen who are labouring, I would say foolishly, with Jewish Rabbis to bring about some kind of religious union.

In Protocol 17 we find these words: "We have taken good care long ago to discredit the Gentile clergy and thereby to destroy their mission which at present might hamper us considerably. Their influence over the people diminishes daily. Freedom of conscience has been proclaimed everywhere. Consequently it is only a question of time when the complete crash of the Christian religion will occur."
I am now placing this new edition of my book on the market. I have merely touched upon the fringe of a vast subject, but I feel that my efforts will not be wasted, if readers see the Jewish plan running through world affairs; if readers wake up to it that those controlling the affairs of the world and those at the root of Communism are all the same crowd; in other words, that Communism is a Jewish movement inspired by Satan and hence diabolically clever; in a word that Communism is the synagogue of Satan. And remember, also, this control is exercised by a mere handful of the population holding strategic positions.
Readers must use their discretion and remember that this book came out in 1943. So then, the references to Hitler and Stalin as being in power were meant for the year 1943. Obviously they are not meant for the present time.


Communism - PDF
Conspiracy - PDF
Jew - PDF

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Marc Vercoutère - Les vaccins ? Parlons-en !

Marc Vercoutère - Les vaccins ? Parlons-en ! Opus 1

Marc Vercoutère - SRAS grippes A-H5N1 A-H1N1 - Des pandémies providentielles pour les labos
Marc Vercoutère - Mondialisation, pensée unique et pandémies

Artémisia Collège a plus de 30 ans, c'est une association loi 1901 sans but lucratif. Association pour l’enseignement et la promotion des sciences et techniques naturelles de santé physique et psychique, en particulier l’aromatologie. Pour le développement et la promotion des produits biologiques, des énergies renouvelables. Pour la défense de l’environnement et l’écologie. Pour rechercher et défendre la vérité dans tous les domaines.


Marc Vercoutère - Les vaccins ? Parlons-en ! Opus 2

L'inavouable composition des vaccins - Opus 3

Vaccination - PDF
Alain Perrier - Vaccins Abus de conscience


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David Frawley - Ayurvedic astrology


David Frawley - Ayurvedic astrology

frawley.jpgAyurvedic Medicine represents the healing branch of yogic science, while Vedic astrology provides its understanding of time and karma. Ayurvedic astrology teaches the interface of these two extraordinary systems in the Vedic astrology of healing. Ayurvedic Astrology has become one of the most dynamic new branches of Vedic astrology in the West.

The book explains how the different mind-body and planetary types of the two systems interrelate. It examines disease factors from an astrological perspective and goes into depth into astrological remedial measures, particularly gem therapy. It also contains many notable example charts. It is considered to be an important, if not revolutionary, new study of both profound Vedic disciplines. The book represents twenty years of study by David Frawley in both fields. There is no comparable text like it available today.

The author demonstrates great skill in presenting the treatment methods and remedial measures of ancient India for their healing benefits to the modern world. Ayurvedic Astrology: Self-Healing through the Stars is destined to become a classic text in the field. - Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D., President, American College of Vedic Astrology

This is probably the first book available that jointly examines both Ayurveda and Vedic astrology in detail for the modern reader. Even in the traditional literature on these subjects, there are few works that cross reference both so directly and completely. It is likely to be the standard work in the field for serious students for years to come. - Chakrapani Ullal, World Renowned Vedic Astrologer

Vamadeva Shastri in his latest book, "Ayurvedic Astrology," unlocks ancient astrological understandings of the human body's inherent weaknesses based on positions of the planets and stars at birth. In so doing, he guides us to avert sickness by applying detailed traditional Vedic remedial measures and then helps us understand the karma behind illnesses when they do manifest. Here, for the first time in a single book, two of India's remarkable gifts to mankind-Vedic knowledge of healing and Jyotish-are interwoven in a tapestry of wellness, providing invaluable tools for professional astrologers, ayurvedic practitioners and novices of both sciences. - Acharya Ceyonswami, Hinduism Today

David Frawley - PDF
David Frawley - Vasant Dattatray Lad - La divinité des plantes
David Frawley - La santé par l'Ayurvéda
David Frawley - Yoga et Ayurvéda

Vasant Dattatray Lad - Secrets of the pulse


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Francis Parker Yockey - Imperium 2013 edition


Francis Parker Yockey - Imperium
The philosophy of History and politics
2013 edition

francis_parker_yockey.jpg Much has been said already about this unique and disturbing book, but this much is reasonably certain: A thousand times more is yet to be said. Imperium is the first sequel the literary world knows to Spengler’s monumental The Decline of the West.
In fact, the author of Imperium does more than even Spengler attempted — he defines and creates the pathology of Culture in all of its infinitely urgent importance, including the discipline of Cultural Vitalism.
Imperium rejects the Nineteenth Century: the parched fossils of its thought — Marx, Freud and the scientific-technical world outlook; its exhausted political nostrums — the pluralistic state, liberalism, democracy, communism, internationalism; all of which fail to satisfy the organically vital realities of politics.
Imperium presents unique and almost esoteric political, social and historical definitions and explanations which shall become more widely known — indeed, commonly understood — if our West survives.
Imperium is probably the first book to advocate European unification — to dogmatically predict it — in terms other than the crassly materialistic. Imperium is the first comprehensive and profoundly constructive alternative to the Marxist-liberal degeneracy surrounding us. Imperium is the creation of a man who believed in his Destiny — and in this book — so thoroughly that he became a martyr to it. Imperium is written with a dramatic style and flair for expression seldom encountered even in novels. Yet rising above all else is the simple fact that in Imperium a creative genius has given the world something new: A fourth dimension of intellect and a new concept of spirituality. Imperium heralds the dawn of a new day of Faith.
Among all books, therefore, Imperium has a distinct status. Hardly a man alive will agree with all it contains, yet will not find his personal horizons extended by the reading of it.

Forword by Dr. Kerry Bolton.

This edition of Imperium attests to the increasing interest by new generations in the Euro-American thinker, Francis Parker Yockey. It also bodes well for overcoming the hitherto often shallow perceptions of the post-war Anglophone Right. For, while Yockey wrote in English, the defeat of fascism meant that Europe has been denied much of its cultural and intellectual heritage, causing perceptions to remain preoccupied with the symptoms caused by present subversion, such as 'coloured immigration' and 'civil rights', without having an analytical paradigm to understand the deeper malady in the West. This is why Yockey had no time for much of the American Right, and why he soon parted from Mosley's movement in Britain.

The triumph of liberalism after the war led to the suppression and slander of the anti-liberal elites that had flourished before the war, until the 'Right' became synonymous with crudity, hatred, and ignoranee. Those who had supported fascism were made negative examples: Knut Hamsun, the Norwegian Nobel Prize novelist, was labelled a 'quisling' and ostracised, while Robert Brasillach, Drieu La Rochelle, Martin Heidegger, and countless others of Europe's culture-bearing stratum were maligned and marginalised under 'denazification'.

Contrary to the post-war myth of universal 'resistance', however, the Occident by no means greeted fascism with a universal resolve to defend 'Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity'. And despite the barbarity of the 'Liberation' and the tyranny of the 'Occupation' in the aftermath of the conflict, many Europeans refused to yield to liberalism's soft servitude or the blandishments of Marshall Aid. Even in Britain Mosley and his numerous pre-war followers soon organised a new movement, this time not for British Nationalism and the unity of the Empire, but for a wider post-war vision of European unity-a vision that had until then been obscured by the contingencies of the war and the emphasis on national chauvinism. Indeed, it was Mosley's lifelong regret that Fascism, in its many manifestations, had been far too 'national', and that, if the pan-European vision of its stalwarts had prevailed, the fratricidal war would have been avoided.

Francis Parker Yockey - Imperium - Audiobook
Francis Parker Yockey - Imperium - Español

Francis Parker Yockey - The enemy of Europe Audiobook
Francis Parker Yockey - PDF


Wednesday 17 January 2018

Vasant Dattatray Lad - Secrets of the pulse


Vasant Dattatray Lad - Secrets of the pulse
The ancient art of Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis

Thousands of years ago, Ayurveda described multiple levels of the radial pulse that could be used to interpret the status of the organs and systems of the body as well as the mental and physical constitutions of the individual.
As the first text on pulse diagnosis for the Western student, this book provides a method by which anyone can learn to read his own pulse. Imbalances and potential disease states can be detected in their early stages, giving one the opportunity to correct them before they affect the quality of life. With practice and guidance, one can acquire the proficiency to use this knowledge to heal self and others.

Vasant_Dattatray_Lad.jpgVasant Dattatray Lad is an American author, Ayurvedic physician, professor and director of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Lad received the degree of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) in 1968 from the University of Pune, in Pune, India and a Master of Ayurvedic Science (M.A.Sc.) in 1980 from Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya in Pune. Before coming to the United States in 1979, Lad served as the Medical Director of the Ayurveda Hospital in Pune for three years and as Professor of Clinical Medicine for seven years at the Pune University College of Ayurvedic Medicine. His training includes the study of Western medicine and surgery as well as traditional Ayurvedic Medicine.
He founded the Ayurvedic Institute in 1984. Since 2000 Lad has sat as an advisor for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association as well as the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine and Colorado Ayurvedic Medical Association. He is a member of the faculty of the Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda in Watsonville, California, and the Dinacharya Institute in New York City.

Medecine - PDF


Friday 5 January 2018

Elbruz Altus Vexilum - 60 años de la revolución húngara de 1956


Elbruz Altus Vexilum - 60 años de la revolución húngara de 1956
Sept-Dic 2016 - Num 15

Elbruz Altus Vexilum (La Bandera en Alto)
Revista de cultura, historia y defensa de los valores de Occidente y el Socialismo Nacional

El pueblo húngaro enfrento solo a la represión soviética, quien se ensañó asesinado y deportando a miles de jóvenes patriotas, sin que el occidente plutiocrático moviera un dedo en defensa de la libertad de Hungria. Sola España se preparó como en 1941 para enviar voluntarios en otra Division Azul en auxilio de los húngaros comandada por el General Agustín Muñoz Grandes; pero fue suspendida la operación por órdenes del gobierno norteamericano.

Elbruz Altus Vexilum - 14
La comunidad popular en la visión folcista nacionalsocialista, versus estadó y trascendencia en la concepción de la tradicion

Elbruz Altus Vexilum - 03
85 años de la Legión de San Miguel Arcángel


Tuesday 2 January 2018

Avons-nous besoin des juifs ?

Avons-nous besoin des juifs ?

J’ai toujours apprécié l’histoire médiévale. Jacques Attali aussi, quoique pour d’autres raisons. Du baptême de Clovis en 492 à l’expédition de Christophe Colomb presque un millénaire plus tard, le monde européen offre une fresque bariolée, pleine de clair-obscur et de trésors insoupçonnés. On y trouve des exemples de courage, de magnificence, de vertus portées au sommet à côté de la plus grande pauvreté.

Les historiens officiels ont complaisamment dépeint les périodes de famine et de peste, mais ont oublié de faire remarquer qu’en dehors de ces périodes exceptionnelles, à l’époque médiévale, on mangeait très bien. La faible densité de population laissait beaucoup de terres disponibles pour l’élevage des animaux, il n'y avait ni cultures intensives ni Monsanto, et on pouvait donc manger du bio et de la bonne viande en quantité – si ce n’est pendant le Carême, une période de jeûne et de méditation toujours couronnée par de beaux festins.

Le Moyen-Âge avait pour lui un esprit festif, avec une infinité de fêtes, de chants, de danses, à côté d’églises parfois magnifiques, mais souvent aussi très obscures et desservies par un service ennuyeux. Le côté soporifique de la messe ne date pas du Vatican II : au Xe siècle, des voyageurs de l’Est disaient « n’avoir rien vu de beau » dans les églises catholiques d’Allemagne, avant de se convertir à l’orthodoxie, dont les églises sont en effet plus colorées et pourtant tout à fait blanches. Période d’unité raciale et spirituelle profonde, l’âge des cathédrales a été aussi parcouru par des guerres sans fin. Il ne s’est pas terminé à cause de Christophe Colomb, mais quand ses deux pouvoirs européens, l’église et la chevalerie, se sont montrés également incapables d’assumer la suprématie à laquelle ils prétendaient.

Dans ce qu’on appelle notre bord, certains regrettent, un peu, la période médiévale. Pas de pouvoir circoncis, pas de gauchisme, des périodes difficiles parfois mais une société globalement pacifique et harmonieuse. À côté des joutes de chevaliers, on voyait des gens qui n’avaient pas besoin de savoir lire pour savoir qui ils étaient, qui étaient leurs ancêtres, et qui était Dieu.

Néanmoins, le Moyen-Âge européen a toujours eu un gros problème. À savoir que, comme l’a bien vu Evola, il mélangeait un élément aryen et un élément sémite. Le christianisme, en s’intégrant au monde européen, s’est aryanisé. Jésus y est devenu un seigneur guerrier, vainqueur de la mort et des perfides qui l’ont fait crucifier, les fêtes « païennes » sont reprises, les dieux tutélaires subsistent sous les traits des anges et des saints, la famille et la tribu restent des unités sociales normales. À l’Est, dans l’orthodoxie, le Christ prend les traits du Soleil – le Kristos Pantocrator devenant un véritable Sol Invictus qui balise la fin des temps.

Horus, Mithra, Sol Invictus, Jésus et Kalki en une seule personne.

À côté, pourtant, le christianisme reste désireux d’intégrer les juifs : la Nouvelle Alliance est universelle et il faut savoir pardonner. Loin de persécuter gratuitement les juifs, les chrétiens prient chaque année pour leur conversion. On veut croire qu’ils ont « bon cœur » sous un voile d’égoïsme, qu’il suffirait d’un peu de grâce divine pour que les usuriers deviennent de bons et loyaux amis. Ces bons sentiments tièdes laissent aux élites temporelles toute responsabilité pour lutter contre l’escroquerie, les trafics et autres pratiques très sympathiques que les juifs font pieusement aux goyim siècle après siècle.

Par ailleurs, si le christianisme est distinctement européen pendant le Moyen-Âge, cela disparaîtra peu à peu à la Renaissance. Les jésuites tentent de convertir les peuples les plus reculés, un peu comme de bons démocrates cherchant à imposer le parlementarisme, les McDo et l’immigration sur toute la planète. On se dit que tout le monde a une âme égale, que tout le monde est fait pareil par Dieu et égal devant Dieu, les philosophes se disent que la noblesse n’est qu’une institution toute extérieure et non le reflet d’une essence intérieure différentiée.

Plus de chevaliers, plus de paysans tirant héroïquement leur subsistance de la terre obscure. À la place, des âmes pécheresses, des torturés, des « agneaux » passifs devant le bon jésuite patelin, des formatés à qui on a injecté le péché originel dans le crâne dès leur plus jeune âge et cherchant une « rédemption » n’importe où. Puis un glissement vers le catholicisme bourgeois, le catholicisme comme identité de classe, vers le mondialisme ouvert, vers le bolchévisme des chrétiens-marxistes fans du Sermon sur la Montagne. Dans tout cela, rien de réellement blanc, rien de fait pour les blancs. À croire que l’identité à la fois aryenne et chrétienne du Moyen-Âge était un accident qui n’a tenu que grâce à des circonstances favorables et auquel on aurait tort de s’accrocher.

Au sémitisme culturel s’est ajouté le sémitisme tout court. Depuis le baptême de Clovis, il y a toujours eu des Juifs en Europe. Toujours détestés, toujours connus comme des usuriers, des escrocs, des « finasseurs » pilpoulesques experts en manipulation, par des gens qui n’avaient pas besoin de se donner le mot, souvent expulsés, les juifs sont hélas toujours revenus et ont très souvent réussi à s’associer aux seigneurs. Eh oui. La compromission des nobles ne date pas de leurs mariages, très bien décrits par Drumont, avec les banquiers juifs au XIXe siècle.

Théophile Cochard, dans son mémoire La juiverie d’Orléans du VIe au XVe siècle, relate un certain nombre de cas où les seigneurs locaux avaient recours aux services de juifs. Les mérovingiens, notamment, étaient grands amateurs d’articles de luxe – belles étoffes, gobelets incrustés de pierres précieuses, argenterie et ainsi de suite. Qui ramenait ces articles du bout du monde en passant par la Méditerranée ? Des juifs.

La vulgarité sépharade

Kevin MacDonald, (A People That Shall Dwell Alone, chap.5 ; Separation And Its Discontents, chap.2), évoque des cas récurrents où les juifs assumaient la charge de percepteurs d’impôts. Ils achetaient au seigneur local le droit de percevoir les impôts en son nom pendant une période donnée. Aussitôt, ils rentabilisaient leur charge en prélevant des impôts monstrueux. On voit nettement, non pas une, mais deux parties coupables. Les seigneurs étaient tout heureux de faire mourir de faim leurs administrés pour s’acheter des babioles de luxe, tant que les juifs faisaient le sale travail, et les juifs étaient heureux de piller la majorité des goyim en prenant une très grosse commission au passage.

Les pays qui se sont développés au début de la période moderne sont justement ceux où les juifs ont été écartés de ce rôle de pilleur légal :
Quand, dans les premiers temps modernes, les Juifs ont gagné la compétition économique en Pologne, la grande majorité des polonais se sont trouvés réduits au statut de travailleurs agricoles servant des propriétaires juifs. Au-dessus, le commerce, les manufactures et même l’artisanat étaient contrôlés en grande partie par des Juifs. En revanche, en Europe de l’Ouest, les juifs se sont fait expulser d’à peu près partout vers la fin du Moyen-Âge. Grâce à cela, quand les pays se sont modernisés, ç’a été l’œuvre d’une classe moyenne indigène. Si les juifs avaient pris le contrôle du marché ouest-européen, jamais une classe moyenne de souche n’aurait pu percer… Les contribuables chrétiens d’Angleterre ont sans doute fait un bon investissement quand, en 1290, ils ont accepté de payer au roi Édouard Ier un tribut massif de £116,346 en échange de l’expulsion de deux mille juifs. (Kevin MacDonald, ici, pp.68-69). Comme par hasard, plusieurs siècles après, on a vu les marxistes haïr la classe moyenne et la petite bourgeoisie – pas la grande –, l’exterminer comme « koulak » à l’Est, puis la prolétariser à l’Ouest via les rachats et délocalisations. Les Anglais avaient certainement bien fait d’expulser ces ténias.

Gilbert Chikli, un ami de l'humanité. Notez son physique et ses maniérismes semblables à ceux des réconciliés

Hélas, même empêchés de pénétrer dans les sphères du pouvoir pendant des siècles, les juifs ont réussi à y revenir tels des dealers de cocaïne dans un duplex de Neuilly. Werner Sombart (Les juifs et la vie économique) évoque des juifs offrant de grands services comme « prêteurs d’armée », c’est-à-dire trafiquants d’armes, entre autres, et prêteurs d’argent auprès de seigneurs dépensiers. Des brutes en armure, plus soucieuses de paraître et de s’entre-trucider que de faire fructifier leur civilisation, emprunteront armes et argent aux circoncis. Des rois comme Louis XIV, dont on oublie à quel point ses guerres étrangères ont saigné la France humainement et financièrement – pour ne pas parler des autres européens –, ont largement eu recours aux comptables du Sanhédrin. Ces guerres étaient évidemment mauvaises pour les Blancs à tout point de vue. Ce sont elles qui ont permis aux anciens expulsés de revenir dans la place.

Le Moyen-Âge n’a jamais été tout à fait capable de se passer des juifs. Ici et là, on voyait une noblesse responsable, préférant s’auto-discipliner que d’emprunter de l’argent (personne ne les obligeait à en emprunter après tout), ou livrer des duels plutôt que jeter un royaume entier dans une guerre. Les bons exemples abondent. Mais, à côté, on avait toujours un empaffé pour s’acoquiner avec les nez crochus et se mettre à spolier son propre peuple ou à entamer la conquête de son voisin sur la base d’un financement juif. L’esprit d’initiative, la soif d’action, et, il faut bien le dire, un certain individualisme, ont été systématiquement retournés contre les Blancs par des prêteurs trafiquants se serrant toujours les coudes.

La modernité n’a fait qu’aggraver cette ambigüité. L’expédition de Christophe Colomb embarquait déjà des juifs marranes dans l’équipage. La première razzia d’esclaves sur le Nouveau Monde a été faite sur l’initiative des juifs proches de Colomb – qui d’ailleurs n’a pas touché un centime. Cachés dans le dos du pionnier, de l’explorateur, du constructeur aryen, les juifs se sont jetés sur le Nouveau Monde pour y mettre en place des exploitations de canne à sucre, du trafic d’esclave, des magasins de prêt sur gage dans la moindre ville. L’esclavage ? C’était eux, d’abord et avant tout. Les investissements ? Dans les compagnies des Indes, puis hors Nouveau Monde dans l’industrie ? Ça n’était pas un investissement participatif de blancs : presque aucun blanc n’a été propriétaire d’esclave, et bien peu ont eu accès à l’investissement industriel, car ces deux domaines sont restés d'accès restreint à certains milieux sociaux de nobles, de grands bourgeois, et de juifs. Si les premiers n’avaient pas ouvert la porte aux seconds…

La vérité si je mens 2 : Denis Vierhouten, directeur en grande distribution, tente de délocaliser sa production de vêtements en Tunisie avec des partenaires juifs pour gagner plus d'argent. C'est Vierhouten qu'il faut cibler d'abord !

Devant le rôle économique des juifs dans l’histoire, un Attali s’empresse de ne citer que les côtés qui brillent pour pouvoir conclure « vous voyez, les juifs sont des bienfaiteurs, vous avez des banques et la prospérité grâce à nous ». C’est faux. Les « bons » services (les investissements industriels et la comptabilité notamment – on évitera de mettre le trafic d’armes et le financement de guerres entre Blancs dans cette catégorie) auraient pu être rendus par des non-juifs. Et quand les juifs ont pu effectivement créer des bénéfices pour tel ou tel Blanc, ç’a toujours été au détriment des autres Blancs et en s’incrustant dans un monde qu’ils n’avaient pas construit.

Revenons au Moyen-Âge. On y trouvait des banques, des lettres de change, des prêts, de l’investissement et des incitations à investir. Où donc ? Chez les Templiers. Disciplinés, tempérants, pour ne pas dire ascétiques, les chevaliers du Temple ont su conjuguer la vaillance à la sagacité. Ils ont mis en place des structures commerciales tout à fait fonctionnelles, préludes à une prospérité future, sans l’aide d’aucun circoncis. Qui sait ce que l’Europe aurait pu devenir si le drapeau blanc frappé de la croix vermeille avait subsisté ?

Mais non : encore une fois, il fallait que les Blancs se divisent. Un roi fourbe et envieux, Philippe le Bel, associé à un pape jaloux du pouvoir acquis par les Templiers, a supprimé l’Ordre. Du coup, plus de banques, plus de garanties, plus de réseaux d’investissement et d’échange sûrs. Le savoir-faire commercial et comptable qu’on trouvait associé à la bravoure mystique a disparu avec elle.

À votre avis, qui s’est empressé de remplir le vide ?

Ça sent l'argent chez les goyim !

Certes, ici, un Attali répondrait que Philippe Le Bel a aussi fait saisir les biens des Juifs. Mais il faut voir un peu plus loin. D’une part, à court terme, les circoncis ayant dû se mettre au régime n’ont pas trop apprécié, mais à long terme Philippe avait supprimé leur unique concurrent – qui n’avait jamais eu besoin d’eux, qui ne leur demandait rien, qui permettait aux chrétiens des services bancaires et financiers sans intermédiaires juifs. Ceux-ci ont eu le champ libre pour se réincruster partout une fois les commanderies dissoutes.

D’autre part, les juifs étaient souvent saisis, suite à divers délits et irrégularités de leur part, mais trouvaient très souvent des chrétiens chez qui mettre leurs biens mal acquis à l’abri, en échange d’une commission. Encore une fois, l’individualisme, l’appât du gain sans solidarité entre Blancs (ou entre chrétiens puisqu’on avait alors ce substitut), ont fait le lit de la communauté juive. Je dis bien d’une communauté, pas d’individus isolés comme c’est presque toujours le cas chez nous.

Avons-nous besoin des juifs ? Si nous sommes mauvais avec l’argent, d’autres seront bons. Pas bons moralement, pas bienveillants, pas généreux – mais compétents pour garder la main sur le grisbi.

Si nous ne savons pas gérer, investir, nous auto-discipliner quand il le faut, d’autres nous manipuleront, nous bombarderont de publicités pour des produits inutiles, nous entretiendront dans de mauvaises habitudes, nous diviseront. En un rien de temps, nous nous retrouverons tous fâchés les uns avec les autres, nos emplois auront disparu, nous serons écrasés sous la dette et nos femmes iront dans les bras de plus riches ou de plus promu s que nous. C’est justement ce qui se passe.

Juif et admirateur revendiqué de Satan. Pas d'amalgame.

Nous autres Blancs pouvons très bien assurer logistique, approvisionnement, gestion, comptabilité, absolument tout sans juifs. La faiblesse relative que le catholicisme nous a donné n’est pas congénitale mais accidentelle et remédiable. Si nous (re)devenons capables de vivre de peu, tout en construisant des foyers, en tissant des liens, en montant des projets, si nous redevenons indépendants et sans besoin de services bidon nous n’avons pas besoin de juifs. Et c’est ainsi qu’il faut être pour ne pas prêter le flanc. La dépendance est une faiblesse. Si nous nous reprenons, nous pouvons devenir non comme des traîneurs de sabre qui doivent de l’argent aux juifs mais comme Sénèque, patricien romain, stoïque, riche vers la fin de sa vie et surtout libre de toute dette.

Être indépendant, être communautaire, être en phase avec soi-même, c’est être beaucoup plus puissant que de super-antisémites philobougnoules payés par le Sanhédrin pour diviser les Blancs. Un Henry Ford faisait peur aux crochus parce qu’il était indépendant financièrement et donc libre, comme Trump. Un Soral ou un Ryssen qui vendent leurs livres avec l’autorisation du CRIF ne font que du spectacle.

Pour échapper à ceux que Jésus-Christ appelait des « fils bâtards d’Abraham et de Satan » (Jean 8:37-44), nous devons être capables de solidarité, d’autogestion, de tempérance, de discernement. Il nous faut de l’esprit d’entreprise et des liens forts entre nous, du stoïcisme et le sens du biz. C’est difficile, mais c’est possible. C’est nécessaire pour redevenir indépendants, pour recouvrer notre identité, et pour sauver avec nous tout ce qui compte. Certes, ça a moins de gueule que de faire le zouave dans la rue avec des drapeaux ou de pérorer des doctrines impotentes, mais ça mène réellement quelque part.

Titus Flavius

Hébraïsme - PDF
Conspiration - PDF
Talmud - PDF