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Tuesday 31 December 2019

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Non coupable au procès de Nuremberg

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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Non coupable au procès de Nuremberg
L'argumentation de la défense

Les personnes non informées considèrent les « Procès de crimes de guerre de Nuremberg » comme la preuve définitive de la culpabilité des dirigeants allemands avant et durant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale. La transcription des débats raconte toutefois une histoire bien différente.
Ce livre contient les arguments de la défense avancés par les principaux accusés au cours des procès. Il montre que ces procès ont enfreint toute la jurisprudence existante et les règles de procédure d'administration des preuves.
On a refusé à des accusés le droit de contre-interroger des « témoins », on a accepté sans hésitation comme authentiques des documents ouvertement falsifiés et les preuves indiquant que des suspects avaient été torturés ont été écartées sur ordre des juges.

Carlos Whitlock Porter - PDF
Carlos Whitlock Porter - No culpable en el proceso de Nuremberg

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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Satires
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Else Löser - The image of the Germans in Polish literature
Ippolit Iosifovich Lyutostansky - The Jews and Ritual Murders of Christian Babies


Wednesday 18 December 2019

Le chancre qui a rongé la France - Institut d'études des questions juives

Le chancre qui a rongé la France.jpg

Le chancre qui a rongé la France
Institut d'études des questions juives

Depuis 100 ans le juif pouilleux venant de son ghetto natal envahit la France.
Un an après son arrivée il s'est enrichi "dans les affaires" à no dépens. "Gagné honnêtement".
Avec l'argent qu'il nous a volé, il se lance dans la politique et divise les français.
Devenu puissant, il prend les "leviers de commande" et pousse le pays à la guerre. "Pour la dignité humaine !". "Déclaration de guerre".
Celle-ci déclarée il s'embusque pendant les vrais français se font tuer !
Ayant rafflé l'épargne il exporte les capitaux français en Amérique.
La France vaincue il organise le marché noir... "plus rien à vendre".
... et c'est lui qui dans l'ombre sabote la politique du maréchal.
Les nouvelles lois qui mettent le juif hors de la communauté nationale... "Statut des juifs".
... permettront enfin à la France de se relever...
... et aux français de vivre paisiblement entre eux dans la réconciliation nationale.
Adhérez pour une liquidation définitive des questions juives.

Institut d'Études des Questions Juives :
Le Juif et la France
La tactique juive ou Comment le Juif s'est imposé à l'Aryen
Français ! ... Il faut redevenir
Extrait du numéro spécial du cahier jaune l'Angleterre et les juifs
Leurs noms... Petite philosophie des Patronymes Juifs
I.E.D.Q.J. - PDF

Le cahier jaune

Edouard Drumont - Le peuple juif
Henry-Robert Petit - L'émancipation des juifs en France
Maurice Talmeyr - La Franc-Maçonnerie et la Révolution française

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Monday 16 December 2019

Ippolit Iosifovich Lyutostansky - The Jews and Ritual Murders of Christian Babies

Ippolit Iosifovich Lyutostansky The Jews and Ritual Murders of Christian Babies.jpg

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Ippolit Iosifovich Lyutostansky - The Jews and Ritual Murders of Christian Babies
A theological and legal study

Contrary to the universally held and politically correct opinion, Jewish ritual murders are not an "anti-Semitic prejudice" or an "evil blood libel" which originated in the dark Middle Ages, but are quite real and have existed for about 1,000 years. Nor is it true that confessions to such murders were always extorted under torture. The fact is that the reality of Jewish ritual murders, perpetrated by religious fanatics from the sect of the Hasidim, has been repeatedly proven in modern trials using modern rules of evidence, as it happened so many times in the Russian Empire in the 19th and early 20th century, before this country succumbed to Judeo-Bolshevik tyranny in 1917.

Quite a rich literature on this subject, dating back to the pre-Bolshevik period, exists in the Russian language. Two very important studies, The Murder of Andrei Yushchinsky by G. G. Zamyslovsky (1917) and A Memorandum on Ritual Murders by V.I. Dal (1844), were recently translated into English by JRBooksOnline.

The present short book was written by I.I. Lyutostansky in 1911 following the ritual murder of Andrei Yushchinsky, a 13-year old boy, in Kiev. Brief information on this and other ritual murder cases - which occurred both in Russia and abroad - is presented here.

Ippolit Iosifovich Lyutostansky (1835-1915) was an authoritative expert on the Jewish question, who gained fame due to his two major studies, On the Use of Christian Blood by the Jews and The Talmud and the Jews, which consisted of many volumes and went through numerous editions. He was highly praised for his works and received many commendations from high-ranking persons in Russia, including Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna, a brave woman later murdered by the vindictive Jewish Bolsheviks, together with her husband, Emperor Nicholas II, and all their children.

Nicholas II was particularly hated by the Jews for his role in the famous Beilis trial. Mendel Beilis was a Jew accused of murdering Andrei Yushchinsky, a 13-year-old boy, in March 1911 in Kiev. His trial took place in the autumn of 1913 and attracted wide attention both in the Russian Empire and abroad. Eventually, Beilis was acquitted by the jury, but the same verdict also said that the murder was a ritual one and was committed at a Jewish brick factory. Now, it is quite obvious that this trial could not have happened without Nicholas II's will and involvement. Furthermore, the same Tsar, who wanted the evidence about Yushchinsky's murder to be preserved, reportedly commissioned G.G. Zamyslovsky to write the above-mentioned book. In 1918, Nicolas II would die a martyr's death, together with his entire family. Many decades later, they would be canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church, and since then they have been revered as martyrs.

After the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917, they destroyed all the copies of Lyutostansky's books they could lay their hands on, as well as those written by other authors, including Dal and Zamyslovsky. Also, they reportedly hunted down and shot not only those who had read Lyutostansky's books, but even those who had merely heard of them.

This brochure will become a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in the Jewish question in general and Jewish ritual murders in particular. It is hoped by the editors that more books by this author will be published in English in the foreseeable future.

Carlos Whitlock Porter
December 2016

Ипполит Иосифович Лютостанский - Ippolit Iosifovich Lyutostansky

Ritual murder - PDF
Carlos Whitlock Porter - PDF

Saturday 14 December 2019

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Satires

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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Satires

That repression causes neurosis is a truism of the modern world. This applies chiefly to sexual matters. It does not apply to racial matters (at least not when expressed by whites).
It is the hypothesis of this authority (i.e., myself) that millions of white Americans are suffering from serious neurotic symptoms caused by the repression of their racial feelings.
Freud believed that neurosis would cure itself through the "catharsis" (κάθαρσις) of analysis, i.e., the "expression" (Äußerung) of "repressed feelings" (verdrängten Empfindungen).
It is the hope of this practitioner that the present modest volume may make some small contribution to the therapy of racially repressed white persons in situations of difficulty.

Carlos Whitlock Porter
19 September 2013


Two dozen outrageous satires by the author of Made in Russia : The Holocaust, Not Guilty at Nuremberg and War Crimes Trials and Other Essays.
Warning : Contains racially explicit material. For adults only.
With cartoons by A. Wyatt Mann.


Dedicated to A. Wyatt Mann, one of the greatest comic artists since John Tenniel : a man of infinite wit, inexhaustible ideas, unflinching courage, and a muse of fire.


Table of Contents

A Manifesto
A Dilemma
An Apology
Is Race Really Just Skin Deep ?
Jud Süss - Coming Soon to an Economy Near You
On the Banking System
On Christianity
On Debt
On Democracy
On Globalization
On Immigration
On Multiculturalism
On Slavery
On Stalin
On the Gulf War
Pseudozoological Satire #1
Pseudozoological Satire #2
Reply to an English Anti-Anti-Semite
Standard "Hate" Accusation Reply Form
The Aristotelian Connection
The Free Market
The Master Plan
Upon Being Convicted of "Incitement to Racial Hatred"
In Memoriam - A Dedication



This is the funniest book I have ever read in my life (then again I probably have a different sense of humor than most). But as Carlos likes to jokingly warn: Contains racial material. Adults only. - Benjamin Garland,

This is no low brow book that can simply be dismissed as "racist"or nutty though. Carlos' skill with language and real in-depth historical research make this a very intelligently written series of essays. He seems to be trying to get white people to loosen up and get in touch with their true emotions. We are walked all over by all of the non-white races and constantly made to feel guilty by the Jewish controlled liberal mass media and Marxist Universities. Isn't it about time we stiffen up and start biting back ? - Benjamin Garland,

From the Author

Many years ago, someone I know very well worked as a trained children's nurse in a world-famous hospital for disturbed children, in London, with 4 years of training (RN, RSCN) and about 8 years of experience. All the other staff members were similarly qualified. The head of the unit was, obviously, a qualified physician, with 20 years of experience working with disturbed children.

One day two Jews showed up, both of them 22 years old, one from South Africa, the other from Canada, neither one of them with any medical training or experience, but with 4-year "psychology degrees".

They created total chaos throughout the entire hospital, from the day they arrived, until the day they left.

They said that the children should be allowed to "express themselves" by refusing to do what they were told, by hitting and kicking members of staff, by spitting on members of staff, etc. etc.

If you didn't agree with what they said, you were accused of "not wanting to be progressive", etc. etc.

They would argue the hind leg off a mule, and were adept at "proving" that 2 + 2 = 6.

The English being what they are - wishy-washy - in short order these two Jews had everybody fighting and quarrelling with everybody else.

The doctor in charge of the unit simply opted out.

In the end, after several months, they both left, presumably to wreak havoc elsewhere, and things returned more or less to normal.

This is how the Jews always operate, at all times and in all places: they get everybody fighting with each other, over crazy theories invented by them, and it only stops when they leave or are expelled.

This has been the history of the Jews for 3,000 years, wherever they have ever lived, from the distant past to the present.

That repression causes neurosis is a truism of the modern world, a notion invented and peddled chiefly by Jews and originally, but not exclusively, by the Freudians. Good manners, discretion, a decent sense of shame, a consideration for the feelings and sensitivity of others are a thing of the past. This applies chiefly to sexual matters.

This does not apply, of course, to the "repression" of our natural resentment of buttinsky yidniks and other by-products of the primeval ooze. What about our self-expression? What about our mental health? We should bust a gut or something? We might become neurotic, already ?

It is the hypothesis of this practitioner (i.e., myself) that millions of white Americans are suffering from neurotic symptoms caused by the repression of their racial feelings. Freud believed that neurosis would cure itself through the "catharsis" (κάθαρσις) of analysis, i.e., the "expression" (Äußerung) of "repressed feelings" (verdrängten Empfindungen).

Hence the present volume.

Carlos Whitlock Porter,
16 September 2013.

Carlos Whitlock Porter - Requiem for Rhodesia
Carlos Whitlock Porter - No culpable en el proceso de Nuremberg
Carlos Whitlock Porter - Made in Russia - The Holocaust
Carlos Whitlock Porter - Not Guilty at Nuremberg

Else Löser - The image of the Germans in Polish literature
Made in Russia : The Holocaust Livret d’accompagnement de la vidéo

Carlos Whitlock Porter - PDF

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Friedrich Wichtl - Weltfreimaurerei Weltrevolution Weltrepublik

Wichtl Friedrich Weltfreimaurerei Weltrevolution Weltrepublik.jpg

Friedrich Wichtl - Weltfreimaurerei Weltrevolution Weltrepublik
Eine untersuchung über ursprung und endziele des weltkrieges

Friedrich Wichtl (15. März 1872 in Wien; 29. Juli 1921 ebenda) war ein österreichischer deutschnationaler Politiker und Reichsratsabgeordneter (1911) sowie vom 21. Oktober 1918 bis zum 16. Februar 1919 Mitglied der ersten provisorischen Nationalversammlung der Republik Deutschösterreich als Mitglied der Deutschen Nationalpartei (DnP). Er war zudem Obmann des Bundes der Deutschen in Niederösterreich (Wien/Josephstadt). Wichtl war Jurist mit Promotionsabschluss und von Beruf Privatschuldirektor und Gründer der ersten Privatrechtsschule Österreichs in Wien. Er verfasste Lehrbücher für seine eigene Lehranstalt.

Friedrich Wichtl - Freimaurer-morde
Aufsehenerregende enthüllungen !

Monday 9 December 2019

Werner Keller - Are the russians ten feet tall ?

Keller Werner - Are the russians ten feet tall.jpg

Werner Keller - Are the russians ten feet tall ?

Translated and introduced by Constantine FitzGibbon.

Who inspired the first cathedral at Kiev ? Who designed the Winter Palace at St Petersburg ? Who developed Baku’s oil industry, the steelworks at Magnitogorsk? Who won the Battle of Poltava for Peter the Great ? Who created the Russian Theatre and the Russian Ballet ? Of all the people responsible for these and nearly all other great achievments in Russia, scarcely one was Russian. They were Greek, Italian, German, Dutch, French, English, Scottish - and finally, American.
This thorough and fascinating account of Russia’s rise to world power on the shoulders of the West shows how it has been the open and consistent policy of her rulers to bring in experts, technicians, ideas, machines, indeed everything that could help to build up a backward Russian economy. This was already the policy of Ivan the Terrible; it now reaches its climax in the astonishing achievements (particularly in the sphere of armaments) of Soviet Russia.
Russia’s debt to the West is far from solely material. Her culture, too, rests on borrowed foundations, as this book convincingly demonstrates. The overwhelming evidence presented by Dr Keller is that, in all fields, Russia can not afford to do without us and that the countrymen of Mr K., for all his propaganda, are not ‘ten feet tall'! Werner Keller is the distinguished author of THE BIBLE as history and Constantine FitzGibbon wrote when the kissing had to stop.

Revisionism - PDF

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Sunday 8 December 2019

C. Paul Vincent - The politics of hunger

Paul Vincent The politics of hunger.jpg

C. Paul Vincent - The politics of hunger

In his study of the Allied blockade of 1915-1919, Vincent examines the rationale and impact of this first large-scale use of food as a weapon in the twentieth century. Vincent demonstrates that the collapse of the German war effort was induced as much by prolonged hunger as by military reversal. Under blockade since 1915, the starving Germans were, by 1918, in a state of growing anarchy. Remarkably, however, the armistice ending hostilities specifically required the continuation of the blockade until such time as German signatures had been affixed to a peace treaty.

The Politics of Hunger reveals a wide variety of motivation for allied behavior from November, 1918 through July 1919. Emotional. economic, pragmatic, and political considerations combined, however, to produce a dangerously short-sighted policy prolonging an already tragic action. In his account of the impact of the blockade, Vincent draws upon a wealth of primary sources, including personal memoirs and diaries to document the prolonged malnutrition and its immediate consequences - increases in the incidence of such diseases as rickets, scabies, and tuberculosis, and a particularly devastating impact upon infants and children. Further, he speculates on the sinister. longterm legacy ofenforced hunger - a generation suffering disproportionately from physical and psychological deformity. While The Politics of Hunger provides insight into the formation of Allied policy and the roles of individual Allied leaders in shaping and implementing that policy, this study’s major conclusions address the impact and wisdom of that policy. The maintenance of the hunger blockade, Vincent argues, was an ill-advised and unjust action which contributed to the radicalization of postwar Germany, the collapse of the Weimar Republic, and the eventual rise of National Socialism.

C. Paul Vincent received his PhD. from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has taught at Franklin and Marshall College and is currently the library director at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire.

Revisionism - PDF

Paul Vincent.jpg

Friday 6 December 2019

Sergeant Lewis - The Franks

Sergeant Lewis The Franks.jpg

Sergeant Lewis - The Franks
From their origin as aconfederacy to the establishment of the kingdom of France and their German Empire

The story of the Nations

The story of the Franks, especially of the earlier Franks, is rich in fable but poor in history. In the legend of Clovis, and even in the legend of Charles the Great, it is a work of considerable difficulty to separate what is historically accurate from that which has at best a dubious origin. My aim in writing this volume has been to present a general outline of the history of the Franks, and, in doing so, to confine myself almost exclusively to facts which have a sure foundation.
That aim implied that the greater part of the volume should be devoted to periods in which the historical foundation was least secure-to the long struggle between Romans and Teutons, during which the tribes on the east of the Rhine were perpetually combining against their enemies until the Frank confederacy clearly emerged, and to the subsequent Merovingian period, during which the Franks were gradually subjecting the whole of Gaul. It is in this domain, overgrown as it is with fable, and meagrely as its central facts have been dealt with by historians, that the student of history should find his greatest attraction.
I have ventured in the following pages to support an interpretation of a particular passage in Gregory of Tours which has been either ignored or repudiated for more than a thousand years. The reader must decide for himself as to the probable origin of the Franks, and the position of Gregory's "Dispargum" ; but in any case it is impossible that we should continue to attach the slightest credence to the imaginary Belgic Thuringia.

Europe - PDF