February 2021

Sunday 28 February 2021

Howard Crowhurst - Le disque de Nebra

Howard Crowhurst Le disque de Nebra.jpg

Howard Crowhurst - Le disque de Nebra
Cycles dans le cosmos

Ce livre montre que de disque de Nebra n'est pas simplement une représentation symbolique de la voûte céleste mais un appareil qui permet à son propriétaire de suivre et de prédire précisément, non seulement les cycles du Soleil et de la Lune, mais aussi les conjonctions de Mercure, Venus et Mars, à tout le moins.
Cela deviendra clair que les personnes qui ont conçu cet objet avait une connaissance beaucoup plus avancée du ciel et de ses cycles que ce qui est actuellement accepté pour cette période.
Ils utilisaient une géométrie précise et complexe. Ils avaient même déchiffré une cohérence sous-jacente dans le système solaire, basée sur le nombre 39.

Archéoastronomie - PDF
Astronomie - PDF
Archéologie - PDF

Saturday 13 February 2021

Charles Giuliani - The VAXX Report

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Charles Giuliani - The VAXX Report

Here is the second edition of the VAXX Report for this year 2021. As many people might know by now this dossier is based on the vaccine notes compiled by Charles Giuliani.

It seems that most people today have no qualms with rolling up their sleeves to get a vaccine, or with having their children get vaccinated. In fact, many people take it for granted that vaccines are beneficial, or at least benign, since they are legally required, yea, are often forced to get injected. For example, school kids around the country are not allowed to attend school unless they receive a plethora of shots, and even many adults can’t get a job in certain professions without having their vaccine record up to date. But are vaccines really beneficial ? Are they really safe ?

If matters not that most average people would answer such questions in the affirmative, because most average people, as it turns out, have never really looked into the issue in any detail. Often all they do is just parrot what others have told them, others who either haven’t done any research themselves, or else have some ax to grind in supporting the vaccination agenda.

In this brief study, we are going to be taking a close look at the facts surrounding vaccines to see if, in fact, they stand up to all the lofty claims made about them. Why are they mandatory, anyway ? Is it really about public health, or does it have more to do with corporate profits ? Are vaccines dangerous ? If so, how dangerous are they ? These questions are now more important than ever, since we could all soon be looking at forced vaccinations for everyone, due to Covid-19. So please take the time to carefully read all of what you now hold in your hands. Your very life, as well as the lives of your children, may depend on it !

Vaccination - PDF

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Friday 12 February 2021

Anne Applebaum - Famine rouge

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Anne Applebaum - Famine rouge
La guerre de Staline en Ukraine

La famine meurtrière qui frappa l’Ukraine au début des années 30 reste un des chapitres les moins explorés de l’Histoire soviétique. Anne Applebaum répare enfin cette injustice par un livre qui fera date. Elle impressionne par la somme des connaissances rassemblées et commentées sur ce qui fut une véritable extermination de tout un peuple organisée par le Parti communiste soviétique sous Staline, mais aussi par son talent d’écrivain. Son récit des faits débute par l’histoire de la révolution ukrainienne en 1917 et celle du mouvement national qui en est issu, puis se poursuit par les premières décisions du Politburo sur la politique agricole à mener dans cette province si fertile de l’Union Soviétique jusqu’à la persécution systématique de l’élite ukrainienne. Le tableau brossé par Applebaum nous plonge de manière inédite dans les horreurs de la répression menée par le régime stalinien. Car cette famine "organisée" fit plus de 5 millions de victimes - dont 3.9 millions d’Ukrainiens, et l’héritage de cette mémoire que l’URSS a tenté d’éradiquer joue évidemment un rôle considérable dans les relations russo-ukrainiennes au temps présent.
Famine rouge s’impose par sa documentation incontestable, sa hauteur de vue et les perspectives qu’il dégage, c’est aussi un livre nécessaire pour comprendre un épisode tragique de l’Histoire du XXème siècle autant que la réalité politique actuelle de cette région du monde.

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Wednesday 10 February 2021

Wisnewski Gerhard - The Bilderbergers

Wisnewski Gerhard The Bilderbergers.jpg

Wisnewski Gerhard - The Bilderbergers
Puppet-masters of power ?

An investigation into allegations of conspiracy at the heart of politics, business and the media

"It is teeming with police. Every second person around you is an agent. You are secretly photographed, your phone is tapped, and your colleagues are arrested. You are made to feel as if you are totally transparent. Yes, you are in the vicinity of a Bilderberg conference" (Kopp Online).

Since 1954, a discrete and select group of wealthy and powerful individuals have attended a private, yearly conference to discuss matters of their choosing. This group represents European and North American elites, as well as new talent and rising stars, from the worlds of politics, business, media, academia, the military and even royalty, and has included household names such as Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, and Prince Philip. In recent years, their numbers have featured David Cameron, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, Bill Clinton, and David Rockefeller. They are "the Bilderbergers," named for the hotel where their secret gatherings were first hosted.
What is their purpose? Why do they meet? What do they want ?

Investigative writer Gerhard Wisnewski explores the numerous claims of conspiracy that swirl around the group, revealing names of participants, their agendas, and their goals. The scene opens in the sun-kissed seaside resort of Vouliagmeni, Greece, where Wisnewski tries to observe and report on a Bilderberg conference. He soon attracts aggressive, unwanted attention from police and undercover security, and it is made abundantly clear he is not welcome. From this rude introduction, Wisnewski works backward to the founding of the Bilderbergers in 1954 by a shadowy Jesuit with secret service allegiances. Examining records and hidden reports, the author uncovers the true history of the organization, alliances among key individuals, and their common interests.

Are the Bilderbergers puppet-masters, pulling strings behind the scenes? Are plans afoot to create a global government and a new political system? To what extent do they represent a clandestine super-government? This book offers a unique view into the workings of power and the secret methods of those who seek to govern and control behind the scenes.

Gerhard Wisnewski, born in 1959, studied political science. Since 1986, he has worked as an author and documentary filmmaker. In 2003, he made the first critical television documentatary on the attacks of September 11, 2001, in a large worldwide broadcast. His books in German include: Operation 9/11; Mythos 9/11, and Das RAF-Phantom. His film Das Phantom, based on the book, was awarded the Grimm Prize in 2000.

Bilderbergers - PDF
Conspiracy - PDF

Wednesday 3 February 2021

White Deal - Hire Europid Staff

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White Deal.pngWhite Deal - Hire Europid Staff
Post a Task - Find a Job

How it works
The concept is simple: People and companies in need for services look for European service providers either for offline services in real life or for online services provided by using the Internet. Working with people sharing a similar cultural/ linguistic background creates more understanding and trust.
Once a Customer has posted a job, Providers can bid on it, the Customer rewards the person/company of his/her choice and the project starts. The Customer funds the amount both parties agreed on and releases the money only after satisfactory completion of the task by the Provider.
The Provider is also given more security for being payed and at the same time builds an online reputation thanks to the reviews given by his Customers.

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